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Why is it that the appliances that help us clean are actually our dirtiest machines? First the dishwasher, then the dryer, and now the washing machine. I suppose it makes sense, all that dirt has to go somewhere right?

As I mentioned, today we are going to tackle the washing machine. Now this may be an absolutely disgusting job (particularly if you have pets) or it might not be all that bad, either way it should get a good cleaning!

washing machine

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Items Needed:
Old toothbrush
Rag or sponge – something to scrub with
All-Purpose Cleaner
Soap and/or baking soda
White Distilled Vinegar

First open up your washing machine.


How to Clean Your Washing Machine

1 – Clean the lid of the washing machine. Use the toothbrush to get into all the crevices. Make sure you partially close the lid so that you can clean all around it.

2 – Pop out the chlorine dispenser and clean it in t
he sink with soap and water, use the toothbrush to get in the small areas. Make sure to clean under the dispenser as well. Once clean, pop back into place.

3 – Most washing machines have a fabric softener dispenser in this spot. Mine for some reason does not. It does still pop out however. So pop out this top piece (whether you have a fabric softener spot or not) and take that piece to the sink and clean it. Then come back to the machine and clean the inside with the toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner. You can put the piece back together when it’s all clean.

4 – Clean all the way around the top of the drum. Usually just a rag and all-purpose cleaner will do the job.

5 – Next clean the agitator. This seems to be where the grim really collects. I find that scrubbing with baking soda works nicely here. Don’t worry about rinsing it all off as we’ll be running an empty load once we are finished.

After all the internal cleaning is finished, add 2 cups of white distilled vinegar to the washing machine and run a “full” load (no clothes) on hot. This will finish cleaning anything you might have missed.

While your load is running, make sure to wipe down the top and sides of the washing machine with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.