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I’ve made it no secret that I no ‘poo. I love no ‘pooing. However, since I need to keep baking soda and vinegar in the bathroom so that I have easy access to my “shampoo” and “conditioner” I needed to get creative with my products.

Originally I just bought baking soda that comes in those cardboard boxes; that was fine until I realized I should use safer baking soda. So I began buying baking soda that comes in a bag.

Unfortunately the bag doesn’t work well for pouring out baking soda so I had to transfer my baking soda to a canning jar.

Now as you can guess, canning jars just are not great for pouring. When I try to pour my baking soda from the canning jar into my no “poo cup, it generally gets everywhere. I wanted a solution and I found one.

You know those containers of salt with the pour spouts? (yes it’s not the best type of salt but I buy the cheap stuff for play dough) You can reuse that salt lid for your canning jar pour spout!

DIY Canning Jar Pour Spout - Learn how to create an easy pour spout for your canning jar... for free! #canningjar #masonjar #pourspout #repurpose

DIY Canning Jar Pour Spout

1 empty salt container with spout
1 canning jar
1 canning jar lid (lid and band)

Simply cut the top of the salt container off. Don’t worry about it being the right shape with this first cut, you just want to get the top section off so you can make your work easier.

Next, place the canning jar lid on top of the salt top lid and trace around it. This will make sure you cut the lid in the correct size. Once traced, cut out the circle. You now have your pour spout lid.

All you need to do now is fill your canning jar, place the salt pour spout lid on top of the jar, and secure it with the band. Voila, you can now pour without a mess.

This will only work with dry goods as the salt lid is obviously made from cardboard. I only use it for my baking soda but you could use it for other items like sugar or dry dairy creamer if you are into that.