I’d like to think that my family is pretty natural. We clean with vinegar, buy mostly organic, and rarely have paper plates in our house. However, we are far from perfectly crunchy.

I know many readers and even the people that I know in real life may think that we are this amazingly crunchy family but the truth is that we are far from completely natural. In fact, I truly believe that there is no possible way to be 100% crunchy; there will always be something more you could do.

Today, I’m going to prove that I am not 100% natural, green, crunchy (whatever you’d like to call it). I’m going to share just two of the ways that I am not so perfect in the natural world. This way you can see that I’m not some super crunchy mama and that perhaps going natural isn’t so unattainable for you either because you can see that even the natural bloggers do not have it all together.

A Cloth Diaper Confession – I’ve been cloth diapering for 2 years now. I always used natural detergents, the proper cloth diaper safe diaper cream, I even made a point of buying organic cloth diapers. Everything was going fine until due to circumstances beyond my control, I needed to strip my cloth diapers. Now one of the easiest ways to strip diapers is with bleach but as bleach is far from natural, I decided I’d try other ways of stripping my diapers. I didn’t want to “fail” and resort to the horrid bleach but after months of trying every natural method available, I had to do it. I needed to use bleach. At first, I hated myself for having to buy that bleach. However, after seeing how quickly it worked and how suddenly we were back to being rash free, I was okay with using the bleach. Would I rather use natural methods? Of course! However, sometimes natural just doesn’t cut it and that’s okay. It’s okay to cave in sometimes.

An Eczema Confession – We have battled eczema ever since I had my second son over 5 years ago. We generally have it under control, however every now and then something changes and we get a flare up. Normally, I can calm the eczema back down with natural methods however sometimes I just get to the point where I throw in the towel and grab the hydrocortisone. I still look out for more natural ways to treat and prevent these flare ups but I’ve learned that my desire to keep my family as safe and natural as possible should not mean that my son has to suffer the pain of eczema while I find the natural remedy.

So there you have it. Just two of my confessions. I have used bleach and have used hydrocortisone. One because I had no other choice; one because I don’t want to make my son suffer while I try other natural methods. I’ll always strive for the natural solution; I don’t think I’ll ever just go with the mainstream choice without first researching the possible natural solutions. However, I will not blame myself (or others) if I have to make some decisions that are not 100% natural.