I don’t know about you but I tend to jump off the crunchy wagon during the holidays. There’s still a small voice in the very back of my head that tells me I really shouldn’t be eating all this sugar but I have yet to listen to it during the holiday season. It’s just too hard to ignore all the yumminess that seems to come with winter.

However, once January swings around I know that I have to get myself back in gear and perhaps do a little detoxing as well. Unfortunately, going from such an unhealthy high back to your normal healthy life can be hard. You have to detox.

Here are some ways to help you detox if you went a little crazy during the holidays like I did.

5 Ways to Detox After the Holidays


Drink your Water – Most people just know about the 8 glasses of water a day rule but did you know you really should be drinking half your body weight in ounces? 8 glasses a day is only 64 oz and that would only be a 128lb person. Yes, that’s a lot of water. A helpful tip is to fill up a large container will your whole day’s water amount and then use that to gauge if you drink enough. Something I try to do is drink 2 8oz glasses (which is just one of my “normal” sized glasses) of water with each meal: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. If I do this then I am guaranteed to hit at least the 64 oz quota.

Cut Out the Sugar – Odds are that you probably do not eat all that much sugar during the non-holiday months. I know that my sugar canister in the kitchen went almost all year being empty until baking season arrived and then suddenly I bought the big bag of sugar. Oops. Time to rid your pantry of sugar, re-stalk your natural alternatives, and cut down on any bad snack habits you might have picked up.

Tea Time – I didn’t know this until just recently but peppermint aids in digestion, which helps when you are on a post-holiday detox. I suppose I knew that it helped with digestion but I didn’t really think about it being beneficial for detoxing and I definitely never thought about it when I was making peppermint tea because it was cold outside. This tip covers a few detox areas, it’s peppermint and it’s water. Two birds with one stone! Note: if you are a nursing mom, you might want to skip the peppermint or not drink much. Peppermint is an anti-gatactagogue and will decrease milk supply.

Exercise – We all know exercise is good but many of us slack off during the winter. It’s too cold and we are too busy eating baked goods. I’m sure this is why we all decide to suddenly make going to the gym our new year’s resolutions. Exercise will not only help you get in shape but when you sweat you release toxins as well.

Take a Soak – Baths can be considered a luxury but did you know that you can detoxify your body just by soaking in the tub? Add a cup of Epsom salts to your bath and soak for 15-20 minutes. Between the hot water and the Epsom salts you will rid your body of toxins.



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