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Everyone has their list of “must haves” when pregnant; their essentials for a natural pregnancy (or any type of pregnancy really.) The lists range greatly and I’d venture to say that no two lists are ever the same.

However, just because the lists vary so much doesn’t mean they aren’t worth looking at. Often times you can discover a new “must have” for you when you look at someone else’s list.

Sometimes, you will find the solution to your pregnancy related problem right on somebody’s list.

Pregnancy heartburn bugging you? I’ve got a solution! Achy back? Restless leg syndrome? Maybe my essentials will help you too!

Essentials for a Natural Pregnancy - Must have items to help you have a great natural pregnancy! #pregnancy #naturalpregnancy #1sttrimest #3rdtrimester


Essentials for a Natural Pregnancy

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Used mainly because it tones the uterus and thus makes contractions more efficient (once they have started, RRLT will not induce you) but it’s also good for preventing miscarriage and morning sickness. Want to know more? Check out my post on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Labor Method
Everyone should have a labor method in mind. I learned the hard way that the “grin and bare it” method does not work. I switched to using Hypnobabies with baby #3 and have been quite happy!

Prenatal Vitamins
In an ideal world, we would all eat just right and get all the vitamins and nutrients we need, however most of us do not live in that world. It’s nice to rely on prenatal vitamins to help fill in any nutrient gaps. Here’s my list of favorite prenatal vitamins.

Body Pillow or Tons of Extra Pillows
Sure you might get by for one or even two trimesters without the need of hip and belly support while sleeping. However, I’m willing to bet that anyone in the third trimester needs some sort of pillow.

I’ve used everything from a queen size pillow to a small decorative pillow; the point is that I eventually need something for my hips and belly.

Birthing Ball aka Exercise Ball
Don’t let the name “birthing ball” creep you out. They truly are just exercise balls, it’s just some women use them during labor and thus the name “birthing ball” occurs.

Obviously many love these for labor but I also really like just using a ball for sitting on throughout the day. (I’ve replaced my desk chair with an exercise ball for this whole pregnancy in fact!)

There’s a few benefits to this for one thing you get more exercise sitting on a ball than a chair and for another, sitting on a ball helps align your baby just right so that delivery is easier.

Apple Cider Vinegar
If you are ever plagued with heartburn due to pregnancy then apple cider vinegar is amazing! I thought it strange but it truly does help. As an added bonus, ACV is also good for lowering blood sugars, blood pressure, boosting energy, and about a million other things.

Reusable Water Bottle
We all know you are supposed to drink a lot of water everyday. When you are pregnant that is especially true.

I am a horrible water drinker, however I will drink a lot more if I have my water stored in a reusable water bottle (like my Klean Kanteen), especially if I keep it ice cold in the refrigerator.

Rice Bag
Much like a non-electric version of the heating pad, the rice bag is very much my friend. I don’t make too much use of it during the first two trimesters but during the third trimester I usually develop Restless Leg Syndrome.

RLS is a pain in the…well legs! Generally the only way I can go to sleep at night if I’m dealing with RLS is with a rice bag heated up and on my legs.

If you don’t have RLS then a rice bag can still come in handy as they are great for aches and pains, which unfortunately do occur sometimes with pregnancy or after delivery.

You can buy these but I also have a great DIY tutorial for making your own rice bag!

Evening Primrose Oil
I had never heard of Evening Primrose Oil until I was pregnant with my third but I am glad I did as I do think it made a difference with my delivery.

EPO is generally not taken until the 37thweek of pregnancy as it does help with labor and delivery. The gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in Evening Primrose Oil is converted by the body into prostaglandin. Prostaglandin helps prepare the cervix for delivery by softening it so that it can dilate and efface easier.

There are of course, many more items that I’m sure I use daily and would probably be lost without. These however seem to be my top “must haves”. What about you? Do you have any pregnancy “must haves”?