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Heartburn, a common affliction for the pregnant woman but just about anyone can suffer from it. It’s not a fun thing to suffer through and if you are like me, you will try just about anything to relieve the pain.

Some choose the more mainstream options but I wanted a natural heartburn remedy.

I like to choose the natural route when possible and so when I started getting my pregnancy related heartburn I searched for a good natural remedy.

There are quite a few natural methods of relieving heartburn and I’m sure a lot of them work. I however, have found one in particular that I like and works great.

What’s more, it’s just one ingredient! What’s that one ingredient for natural heartburn relief?

Apple Cider Vinegar!

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How to Ease Heartburn Naturally

Now I know what you are thinking… vinegar? Vinegar is acidic, why in the world would you want to add an acidic ingredient to your already burning esophagus?

The thing is drinking apple cider vinegar actually restores your stomach acid to a more alkaline level. It’s all very strange and full of science (something to do with ACV being an alkaline-ash food, despite being acidic).

Although I’ve also heard that heartburn (at least pregnancy related heartburn) is from too little acid…either way vinegar seems to be an odd but effective cure.


I was skeptical at first, not to mention I knew I wasn’t going to like the taste. Apple Cider Vinegar is just not all that pleasant.

However, I closed my eyes and drank it. Go figure it works! It works great at getting rid of heartburn that you already have – as a quick fix but it also works as a preventative if you take it once a day or even before a meal.

Not to mention that ACV has about a hundred benefits so drinking it will more than likely help you in more areas then just heartburn!


How Much Apple Cider Vinegar to Drink?

There are really two methods to this madness:

Quick but Potent (it’s a small amount but it’ll be over soon)
1 Tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbs water

Diluted but More (it won’t taste quite so vinegary but you’ll have to chug it for longer)
1 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar
1 cup water

It’s really up to you and your preference on how you want to drink your ACV.

I can’t stand the taste so I prefer the “shot glass” method. It’s super strong but I’m done in one swallow.

However, others prefer a more diluted approach and like sipping on 1 cup of slightly vinegary water.

Then there are the people who actually enjoy vinegar water! You could also mix in honey or stevia to make it taste better.

If you suffer from heartburn (pregnant or not), give apple cider vinegar a try!

When using ACV as a health remedy then it’s best to get organic, unpasteurized vinegar with “the Mother”.

You can usually find this type of ACV in almost any grocery store so it’s not hard to find. Braggs is a favorite.