I currently have 3 4 kids and therefore I have gone through my fair share of car seats. However, not one car seat has even come close the the amazingness of Diono’s Radian RXT.

Diono Radian RXT ReviewDiono recently sent me their Radian RXT and I must say it is the best seat I have ever tried. My petite 22 month old daughter rides in it rear-facing and it is quite the comfy looking ride.

Diono is definitely one of the most recommended brands out there. Anyone who has looked into car seats in detail, will usually recommend a Diono. But why? What makes Diono car seats so amazing?

Diono Radian RXT ReviewSlim Design – This is probably one of the big draws to parents who have multiple children. As I mentioned I have 3 (#4 is due to arrive in November) and that can mean a lot of car seats in one vehicle. Diono’s Radian RXT’s are one of the slimmest car seats on the market. You can easily fit 3 Diono car seat’s across. I was curious about just how true this is so I decided to test it out for myself. 3 Diono’s (ok one is a Sunshine Kids, which was what Diono was known as before they became Diono) in a Honda Pilot. 2 of my kids are forward facing and 1 is rear facing. 3 across and plenty of room!

Rear Facing Weight Limit – It used to be common practice to have kids ride rear facing until they hit 1 year and 20 lbs. However, that is now changing. The AAP has recently announced that kids should be rear facing until at least 2 years of age (or until they exceed the car seat’s height or weight limit). While it is not the law yet to have children rear facing past 1 years old, parents are becoming aware that it is safer for children to rear face as long as possible. However not all car seats are designed to let kids rear face longer. Diono however is a great rear facing car seat. Diono’s Radian RXT’s have a rear facing weight limit of 45 lbs. 45 lbs people! That’s the weight that some people have their kids move into booster seats! You could potentially have your child rear facing for many years and thus keeping them safer.

One Car Seat – There are infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster car seats. Some manufactures combine a few of these seats but not too many can actually work for a child from newborn to 120 lb child. Diono Radian RXT’s can seat: Rear facing from 5 – 45 lbs, Forward Facing from 20 -80 lbs in a 5 point harness, and as a booster for kids all the way up to 120 lbs. This can be the only car seat you will ever need for your child. One car seat from birth to seat belt! No more replacing car seat after car seat as your child out grows them!

Diono Radian RXT ReviewExtended 5 Point Harness – Most children are only in a 5 point harness car seat until around 40 lbs, at which point they then are forced to move into a booster seat. The problem with this is that many kids are still too young for a normal seat belt at that age. A 5 point harness is all around safer (so long as your child fits the weight limit) and helps children stay in the proper position when riding in car. Diono car seats allow a child to be in a 5 point harness until they reach 80 lbs. In theory, your child could be in a 5 point harness through all their booster seat years!

Folds Flat – For those that travel, lugging a car seat around can be a total pain. Car seats can be notoriously bulky. Diono Radian RXT’s however make traveling easier. These car seats can fold! Folding a Diono car seat makes them much easier to travel with (not to mention Diono sells straps for when you travel so you can carry your car seat on your back!)

Long Life – Many car seats expire after just 6 years. This can force you to buy a new car seat whether or not your child has out grown that car seat. Diono’s car seat has a 10 year lifespan. 10 years!!! This means that you can potentially use this car seat until your child is 10 years old; that’s a long time in the car seat world!

Safety – Of course, everyone is concerned about getting the safest car seat. Diono Radian RXT’s are one of the safest car seats on the market. It exceeds the standards in crash tests!

After giving the Diono Radian RXT a try, I can definitely say that it is well worth the investment! This seat truly is one of a kind and I have yet to see a car seat that even comes remotely close to it. If you are smart about it, the price of a Diono Radian RXT is easily less than what you could spend if you were to buy an infant seat, a convertible seat, and then a booster. I say save your self the money (and annoyance of buying more seats) and just buy a Diono right off the bat! I wish I had known about these car seats when I first started having kids!

Diono Radian RXT Review


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Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Radian RXT from Diono for the purpose of facilitating my review. All opinions expressed were not influenced by the company or it’s affiliates in any way.