Have you ever taken a look at your crunchy life and all that you do and wondered if you are being too extreme? If you are going a bit overboard with how much you are doing? Or maybe you’ve heard others tell you that you are being too critical of products/food/whatever. That you find everything is bad or toxic in some way?

Yes it can seem like it at times and yes, there is a true concern with going completely extreme in this lifestyle (I’ll hopefully post on Orthorexia soon). However, for most of us, I’d say we are not going overboard. Yes, as we research we might find that more and more things have issues to be concerned about but I do not think that means we are insane for trying to make better choices in how we live.

It’s like when people say, “you can’t avoid everything so why bother trying”, people assume that there are so many toxins that it won’t make a difference to our bodies if we try to avoid as many as we can. Sadly this is and isn’t true. Yes there are tons and tons of toxins, chemicals, and contaminants that we just will never to able to completely avoid. However, your body will notice a difference if you do all that you can to avoid them. Plus think about it, what if you find out that you have cancer, or get a reaction from a chemical, or develop an asthma…wouldn’t you rather not wonder if perhaps you had just done more to avoid this or that, then maybe you wouldn’t have gotten it? I know I’d like to feel like I have done all that I can to the best of my ability to keep my body (and my family’s bodies) healthy.

So the question is: are you going overboard by being crunchy? In the world’s eyes, yes. In the eyes of those who know that every little bit can make a difference, no! Be different even though people might think you are an extremist! It doesn’t really matter what they think, their opinion isn’t going to help you be healthy only your actions will!

photo credit: Cascadian Farm via photopin cc