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I recently wrote about how up to 85% of people are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for so many things; it keeps your immune system high, helps bone development (for kids) and helps prevent osteoporosis (for those no longer growing bones), deficiency has even been linked to cancer!

With so many people deficient, it seems important that almost everyone makes a conscious effort to get enough of this sunshine vitamin. The sun is obviously the best and greatest source of vitamin D. You can get 10,000 IU of vitamin D with just 20 minutes in the sun (without sunscreen).

However, some cannot rely on just the sun for vitamin D.

Those who live in northern climates cannot get enough sunlight particularly in the winter months.

Those with darker skin have a harder time synthesizing vitamin D due to melanin.

The elderly also have a hard time getting vitamin D from the sun because as we get older it is harder for our body to make vitamin D.

Those who slather on sunscreen may not get enough vitamin D.  I won’t get into the sunscreen debate today but no matter what side you are on, sunscreen blocks vitamin D. Therefore as more people wear sunscreen during their time in the sun, more people are not actually getting vitamin D from the sun.

Getting vitamin D is important and when we cannot get it naturally through the sun, we need to supplement. One way of supplementing is through an actual vitamin supplement.

I was first introduced to vitamin D supplements when the doctor prescribed my 2 week old daughter  vitamin D. I knew that even infants can be deficient in vitamin D so we picked up the prescription.

It didn’t take long to see that my daughter hated taking a dropperful of this nasty tasting supplement. It’s not surprising that it tastes so bad considering most of the ingredients were artificial and toxic.

We stopped giving her that brand of vitamin D and started searching for a more natural supplement. That’s when I found Carlson’s Super Daily D3.

Carlson's Vitamin D drops

Vitamin D Supplement in One Drop with Carlson’s Super Daily D3

Carlson’s Super Daily D3 is one of the easiest ways to get your daily Vitamin D needs! No droppers full to make your kids take, no pills for you to swallow; a whole day’s worth of D3 in one drop!

More benefits of Carlson’s Super Daily D3

It is vitamin D3 and not D2. Vitamin D3 is absorbed the best by our bodies.

Comes in 400 IU, 1000 IU, and 2,000 IU.

Free of soy, sugar, corn, wheat, gluten, color, and preservatives.

Just one drop provides the whole dose of vitamin D. Much easier to take then a dropperful!

Can be added to food or liquids.

One bottle contains a years worth of drops! (for one person)

Only two ingredients: vitamin D3 and oil! (although apparently the new versions also have a smidgen of vitamin E added in as well)

It is nice to have finally found a vitamin D supplement that has only natural ingredients and only takes one drop! When my daughter was a baby I’d simply put a drop on her pacifier.

Now that my daughter is older her vitamin D goes into her smoothies just like her brothers. Even I take vitamin D this way, just one drop onto the food that I’m eating and I’m set for the day. Carlson’s is definitely the easiest way to get vitamin D3, other than the sun!