There comes a problem with being crunchy; people think you are always crunchy. Many times people hear me spouting off about how we do this or that and they therefore think I am condemning them, playing holier than thou, or some other such nonsense.

The truth is that I do not condemn others for not living the same way I do. I am not looking down my nose at them when I see them do something “not crunchy”. There is no black and white with crunchy. Granted I obviously feel like the choices I make for my family are the best…for MY family. However that doesn’t mean I think that if somebody uses regular shampoo that they are a horrible person. I’ve said it many times before: Nobody is 100% crunchy.

Which brings me to my little dirty secret. Some of you might think I’m this extreme crunchy mom who never does anything “mainstream”. I’ve had plenty of people assume that was the case. I’m writing to share with you that this is not true: I am not crunchy ALL the time.

Yes, I breastfeed, co-sleep (occasionally), soak my grains (when I remember), buy coconut oil in bulk, make my own toothpaste, and use homeopathic medicine.

I’m Crunchy But…

Sometimes I eat fast food.

Sometimes I use candy to get my kids through all my errands.

We drive an SUV.

We don’t keep cows, chickens, or bees.

I can’t even think about eating organ meats without getting sick to my stomach.

I sometimes hate having to soak my grains or make broth.

My kids watch television and play video games.

I’ve had a c-section, granted it was an unplanned emergency c-section.

I’ve gotten an epidural with two of my VBACs. (My fourth I was finally able to go complete unmedicated though!)

I have my babies in a hospital by choice.

I won’t breastfeed past 2 years.

My boys are forward-facing in their car seats. I didn’t know about extended rear-facing when we turned them around but it seems too late to try rear-facing them now. My daughters will rear-face until they hit their seat’s limit.

We do a mild version of crying it out. We don’t start until they are 1 years old and like I said, it’s mild.

I don’t always remember to bring my own bags to the grocery store.

I haven’t banned the microwave.

My husband’s late night meal of choice is cheap freezer pizzas with tons of trans fat in them…. And so far, I cave in and eat them too.

So you see, I am not crunchy all the time.  I strive to be but there are some things that I am just not ready for and there are some things that I do not see as the right choice for my family. Do not be ashamed if you are not 100% crunchy, we all have our crunchy confessions (whether they be secret or known).  Realize that it’s a part of your crunchy journey. Maybe some day you’ll be crunchier maybe someday you won’t but either way, you do not have to be perfect in the crunchy world in order to be part of it.