Pistachio Product: Preserve ToothbrushesThe toothbrush is something we all use but hardly any of us take the time to think if it’s a green option or toxin free. Yes, they seem so small but have you ever thought about how many toothbrushes you go through in your lifetime. A lot! If you live to be 80 years old, you will have used just over 300 toothbrushes (assuming you buy a new one every 3 months.) All that plastic just sits at the landfill.

On top of the increasing landfills issue, there’s also the fact that some toothbrushes are made out of plastic that contain BPA. There are also anti-bacterial toothbrushes out there which more then likely means they use triclosan or similar chemicals on them. I for one, try to avoid BPA and Triclosan at all costs.

I recently switch toothbrushes and this time I chose a greener option. Preserve toothbrushes are made out of recycled Stoneyfield yogurt containers. Not only are the toothbrushes made out of recycled product but the package that you buy the toothbrush in doubles as a “Mail Back Pack”. You simply place your old toothbrush in the envelope and mail it back to the company. They even pay the postage! If you do not want to mail it back, as perhaps you are more concerned with the travel footprint, then simply drop off your toothbrush (and other #5 plastics) at a Gimme 5 bin. Gimme 5’s are located in most if not all Whole Foods Markets. The fact that the company takes the initiative and sets up a system so their products will be recycled makes their products really recyclable in my book. Preserve also makes their products in the good ole USA which wins them extra points for less emissions and less possibility for contaminants/poor quality control.


Preserve toothbrushes are also BPA free and are not anti-bacterial. Who would think that I’d be happy to have something that is NOT anti-bacterial? Yes, it is still made out of plastic but at least it’s a safer plastic.


I was leery when I first bought my Preserve toothbrush. Would it work as well? Would it be some flimsy toothbrush that would look well worn within a week? I should have known that a company that put this much effort into being green would also put as much effort into making an excellent product. Their toothbrushes are durable and work great. Honestly, they seem to be better quality then any of my previous toothbrushes.


Preserve toothbrushes come in adult size and child size. They have a nice selection of colors to choose from which is great if you get the whole family using them! For the lazy at heart or those without stores nearby who carry Preserve toothbrushes, Preserve has a subscription program! Sign up and they ship you a new toothbrush every 3 months (which is how often you are suppose to change your toothbrush).


If you are in the market for a greener toothbrush, I recommend checking Preserve toothbrushes out! I’m quite pleased that I switched!

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