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Everyone has that one dish that they are in charge of making for holiday get-togethers. On Thanksgiving, I am in charge of the cranberry sauce.

The last time I made it, I made it the usual way: in other words, with a ton of sugar. This year, as we have gotten healthier I decided to make cranberry sauce a bit healthier.

I did a bit of researching on different cranberry sauce recipes and came up with my own sugar free cranberry sauce.

That’s right completely sugar free! This recipe turned out great, which is pretty amazing as my husband is not a fan of stevia and usually can tell if I’ve used any.

Cranberries must mask whatever minuscule taste he picks up normally because he had no problem eating this cranberry sauce!
Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce - Healthy and nobody will even notice is has no sugar! This is a must make for Thanksgiving! #thanksgiving #cranberrysauce #cranberry #sidedish #fallfood #sugarfree

Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce

12 oz unsweetened apple juice concentrate
24 oz cranberries
¼ tsp stevia dissolved in 1 tbs. warm water
1/3 cup orange juice – optional
1-2 Tbs. orange zest – optional

Pour all ingredients into saucepan and over medium heat bring to boil. Cook until berries burst and crush berries with the back of spoon as you stir.

If you like your cranberry sauce chunky then just cool and serve.

If you prefer a smoother texture, then pour the cranberry sauce into a sieve and strain. You will probably need to use a spoon to help strain the sauce. After it has been strained then just cool and serve.

Note: You may want more stevia is you prefer really sweet cranberry sauce or if you want something with a bit of depth (for lack of better word) then you can add some honey.