Pistachio Product: Pomi Chopped TomatoesTomatoes seem to be one of the harder things to find in a toxin free container. Most tomatoes come in cans. The problem with cans is that they contain BPA, especially tomato cans because of the acidity in tomatoes.

The good news is that there are a few safe ways to get tomatoes (other then buying fresh tomatoes). One way is to buy Pomi Tomatoes. Pomi packages their tomatoes in a box!
Pomi Chopped Tomatoes are great for sauces and soups. The only ingredient is tomatoes. No salt, no preservatives, nothing but tomatoes. Pomi also makes strained tomatoes however those apparently do contain salt. (Although they might not. Some sites I have seen list salt as an ingredient and others do not. As I have yet to pick up a box of the strained tomatoes I will have to err on the side of caution.) I have another recommendation for strained tomatoes, which you can find in another post.
Okay, there is one downside to Pomi Tomatoes; they aren’t organic. Some people will find that this is a deal breaker but for those who can stand to buy non-organic tomatoes then Pomi is a good fit. Thankfully tomatoes are not part of the Dirty Dozen so buying non-organic doesn’t have to stress us out too much. 

If you have been looking for a safe way to buy tomatoes then give Pomi tomatoes a try. No more having to worry about BPA and no more annoying unnecessary ingredients. Many stores are beginning to carry Pomi but if your store doesn’t then check out Vitacost or Amazon they both carry Pomi at great prices.