Our Curriculum 2011-2012

I don’t know why homeschooling is considered crunchy. It really isn’t. There is the fact that if you school at home then you can make sure what your child is eating is healthy and their environment is healthy. Other then that I don’t see it as crunchy. Natural maybe…. You do get to tailor the education to your child’s personality, ability, and interest. I guess, I’m okay with saying that homeschooling is natural. Saying it is crunchy is a bit of a stretch though.

Nonetheless, homeschooling will be a part of this blog.
I was homeschooled from 4th grade through 12thgrade. Despite having brief moments (Jr. High) of not enjoying being homeschooled, I am truly grateful to have been educated at home. My positive homeschooling experience meant that I knew I would be homeschooling my children, even before I ever had kids.
I am proud and yet totally shocked to say that the time has come for me to officially enter the world as a homeschooling mom. My son started Kindergarten this year! Where has the time gone? How is it that my son is already old enough for school?
One of the key components of homeschooling is choosing the curriculum. Obviously you need to know what books you will be using when teaching your child. After months of researching, I finally decided on what we would use this year. Odds are it might change a bit by the end of the year or I might decide that I do not like a particular curriculum and decide to use something else next year but for now this is our curriculum. 

Bible: Egermeier’s Bible Story Book (part of Sonlight’s Core A)
Those are our basic subjects. Other subjects such as art, health, P.E., and character building/manners I take more of an unschoolingapproach and just incorporate them into our lives as they fit in naturally.

I am also homeschooling my 2nd child but in reality he is simply getting a watered down version of his brother’s Kindergarten work. Most of the subjects, involves me reading to the kids so it is very easy for my pre-schooler to listen in. The only thing he does differently is math and phonics/reading/writing. He is simply working through a “Kindergarten” workbook (you know those big, summer workbooks that you can buy practically anywhere) learning to write letters, numbers and do simple problems.