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I’m going to stick my neck out a bit and approach a very hot topic; vaccines. I am not even going to tell you what we believe, it doesn’t matter if we are a pro, delayed, select, or non-vaccinating family.

However, the vaccine topic is an important subject to cover both in the crunchy world and even the non-crunchy world.

As I’ve mentioned before, part of being crunchy involves researching and not just going with the flow because it’s what everyone is doing.

If you decide to go with the flow after research then fine but at least you then know why and what exactly you are doing.

All that preface, to bring us to my book review. The Parent’s Concise Guide To Childhood Vaccinations by Lauren Feder is just one of many books on vaccines but this book is unique as Lauren Feder is trained in both standard and holistic medicine, giving her a more unbias point of view.


The Parents' Concise Guide To Childhood Vaccinations is an easy to read book about vaccinations that gives BOTH sides and is impartial!

The Parents’ Concise Guide To Childhood Vaccinations – Book Review

In the Parent’s Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, Dr. Feder gives both pro and anti-vaccination points of view. Dr. Feder covers information on the diseases themselves, the vaccines for the diseases, treatments of diseases, different vaccine options, side effects of vaccines and side effects of diseases.

While Feder does mention her personal conclusion on vaccines, she still gives very unbias information.

The book is very small only 144 pages. It obviously does not cover every single scrap of information on vaccines but it does give the basic answers. It is a great starting book and one that feels well-rounded.

“If you have chosen to vaccinate your children, she offers both practical medical and natural remedies to avoid possible side effects.

If you have chosen not to vaccinate your children, she offers natural medicines to strengthen your child’s immune system, along with tips on how to deal with legal exemptions, school requirements, and medical insurances.

If you’re just not sure what to do, she offers a balanced and easy-to-understand discussion of the issues, explaining the truth about the effectiveness of vaccinations, side effects, and much more.”
-Taken from The Parents’ Concise Guide To Childhood Vaccinations

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to research the vaccines that they are getting their children. Whether you are pro or anti vaccination, I believe it’s your job to research both sides before making a final decision.