On My Shelf: Real Food For Mother and Baby

I was first introduced to Nina Planck and the concept of real food in her book: Real Food. Now I have read Real Food for Mother and Baby and I love her all the more!

In Real Food for Mother and Baby, Nina Planck goes over foods that are beneficial when trying to conceive and foods that should be eaten while pregnant. Once again the focus is on real foods. Foods that our ancestors were eating long before processed foods came along. The concept of real food also goes beyond just the standard food groups. Real food gets to the source of the food. Grass-fed meat, raw milk, organic produce are all ideal real foods.

What I really love about this book is what Nina writes about feeding infants. I love that she discusses the concept of skipping the usual cereals and starting on foods that are actually healthy and beneficial for babies.

If you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, have a baby or just want to learn more about real foods for moms and babies then I definitely recommend this book. It truly is eye opening to what we really should be eating and feeding our babies.