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If you have been following the Crunchy Defined series, you will probably have a decent grasp on what this whole crunchy thing is about.

You are also likely to be in one of three positions:
1) You are already crunchy and this whole series has just been a nice refresher course
2)You are currently not crunchy but now would like to be
3)You could care less about being crunchy (although I really hope that is not the case for anyone)

This post is for group #2; the group who wants to be crunchy or perhaps those who are crunchy but want to be crunchier.

If it seems like you have so much to work on in order to be crunchy, just relax. As I’ve mentioned before, being crunchy is not an all or nothing lifestyle nor is it a convert everything at once lifestyle. No, thankfully you can work on becoming crunchy without becoming crazy.

How to be Crunchy

1) Tackle on section at a time.

Odds are there are many areas in your home and life that could use some crunchy changes. Perhaps they all need some tweaking! My suggestion is to pick one area and work on that.

Do not just start running around your home and changing everything at once! Doing so will not only drive you and your family crazy but it can also cause you to become overwhelmed and you might lose your desire to be crunchy.

So pick one area; be it cleaning supplies, recycling, food, baby, or plastics and focus on that area until you are ready to move on to another section.

2) Replace as you run out.

This philosophy is truly very helpful! Not only will it save your sanity but you also won’t be throwing items away or spending a ton of money all at once.

Say for instance that you know you need a crunchy/crunchier toothpaste, however you still have some of the old stuff left. Use the old stuff up and then make a new purchase. This will give you time to research which new toothpaste to go with.

The complete crunchy overhaul will take longer but you will be able to put more time into picking the right products the first time and you won’t be in debt suddenly because you throw away every old product in your house!

3) Realize that this is a process.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being crunchy is a lifelong process. There’s no magic over-night transformation that takes you from mainstream to crunchy.

It’s a slow, lifelong ordeal. Nobody is 100% crunchy and even if they think they are, I assure you there is something that they could stand to change.

Resources to Help You Become Crunchy

1) The library aka books.

Yes, you could buy books but I do encourage you to check out your library first. It’s free that way! There are tons of books on crunchy topics.

I find most of my books by searching the library’s catalog with phrases such as “natural living”, “green living”, “toxins”, or “eco living”. You are almost sure to find something that way!

2) Websites

There are quite a few great crunchy sites. Some focus on just one area (food, kids, toxins) and some cover multiple subjects. Many of these websites are wonderful for helping your sort through the massive amounts of products out there.

Some do cheat sheets for crunchy products, some give ratings for products, some write reviews of products they try, and some help you stay up to date on the latest news.

3) Blogs

Like this one, there are many blogs out there. I follow tons of other crunchy blogs and I learn quite a lot from them!

4) Forums

Forums are probably the greatest contributor to my crunchiness! Through forums I’ve “met” other crunchies and I hear about things I would have never even thought of! It’s because of forums that I no ‘poo, make my own deodorant, and make my yogurt in a crock pot!!!

One of my favorites and one I frequent often (screen name: ‘spritzey’ if you ever want to say hi) isย Crunchy Mamas on Babycenter’s community.

As of right now, I have yet to find a non-parent crunchy forum. They all seem to be designed for parents or soon-to-be parents. However, if you know of a non-parent crunchy forum, let me know!

I hope this post has helped you understand how to become crunchy. Try not too become overwhelmed. Start small and slow. You will be a crunchy pro in no time!