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I was not “crunchy” or even anywhere near it when my first two children went through that dreaded teething stage. My boys were relieved of their teething pain with the usual products: Tylenol and Orajel.

I now avoid both those products because of their ingredients. Both of those products have their issues even if you aren’t natural minded.

Tylenol has been recalled a lot lately, it is now advised not to give Orajel to kids under 2 (um that’s when kids are usually given Orajel) as the benzocaine can cause some serious issues.

What’s a mom to do? I mean, teething is no walk in the park! The old cold or frozen washcloth doesn’t really cut it. Sure it might help, if your kid even likes the cold thing, but not much.

Enter the “teething necklace” as they are commonly known as in Europe.

Properly known as amber teething necklaces, these have been used over in Europe for centuries! Apparently amber teething necklaces for teething relief is just now catching on in America.


Now contrary to most people’s first impressions my daughter is not wearing a necklace because I’m playing dress up.

The next idea that pops into everyone’s head when I tell them that the necklace is for teething is that the necklace must be for chewing on.

Umm, no. For one reason, that would be a horrible chocking hazard and for another reason, that’s just not how amber necklaces work.

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Amber Teething Necklaces for Teething Relief

How Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Amber necklaces are generally made out of Baltic amber. Baltic amber is a natural resin, which as it is warmed (such as what happens when it is worn) it releases oils, which contain succinic acid.

The succinic acid is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Succinic acid acts as a natural pain reliever. That is how an amber necklace helps with teething pain.

Baltic amber is beneficial for more then just teething pain.

Other Ways Baltic Amber Helps

Pain Relief
That is obvious since it is helpful with teething but it also helps with headaches, joint pain, earaches, etc.
Strengthens the Immune System
Succinic acid is supposed to help boost the immune system. Of course, I would have a very hard time proving that but my daughter hasn’t gotten sick or if she has it’s been greatly decreased in duration time since she started wearing her necklace.
Helps with Swollen Gums, Fevers, Diaper Rashes, Eczema
Much like it’s help with pain relief, baltic amber can also help with inflammation which is great for gums, rashes, eczema. Although generally Hazelwood necklaces are preferred if you are specifically looking for eczema relief.

I was skeptical of how this necklace could actually work. I mean, it is jewelry.  However, I knew I wanted something natural for the teething stage this time and I’ve heard review after review on how amazing these are.

About a month ago, I bought a Baltic Amber Necklace from Hazelaid. I first put it on my daughter because she was sick and therefore not her normal self. It seemed to help her recover quicker and she was much happier when the necklace was on.

However, I knew the true test would be when she got her first tooth.

Well, she just got her first tooth about a week ago! What is my teething pain relief verdict? It worked!

Now I wouldn’t say it relieved all the pain. Although in my experience, even Tylenol and Orajel never did that.

However, not once did I think “That’s it, let’s break out the drugs”.  There were no screaming fits of pain, no sleepless nights (well no more then is “normal” for us right now), just a bit of extra gnawing on fingers and a tiny bit fussy.

The Real Proof Amber Teething Necklaces Work for Us

I noticed that when I took my daughter’s amber necklace off once, it was murder.

Seriously, it was not a happy time when it was off. We had the worst time ever. No amount of consoling could stop the crying.

However, when I stuck her amber necklace back on her, she was back to her lovely self within a few hours. (By my reckoning, it takes a few hours to work. I assume it is because it needs to heat up and enter the bloodstream before it can start working.)

Our Verdict After All the Teeth Came In

My daughter is now 2 years old and has gotten all of her teeth.

The necklace was amazing. She got all her molars in (which are usually the worst to get…seriously before I went “crunchy”, I had my boys on orajel and tylenol around the clock when they got their molars).

She didn’t even notice when she got her molars. That’s just amazing to me. No hard nights, no crying or screaming. Suddenly she had molars and it was pain free!

If you are looking into natural pain relief for teething or otherwise, I definitely recommend Amber jewelry.
(I say jewelry because they come in necklaces and bracelets/anklets)

Teething Pain Relief


Things to Know About Amber Jewelry

The lighter the color the stronger the succinic acid.
Colors range from a milky opaque white to almost black.
Do not clean your amber with soap.
Take it off during baths and showers. If you need to clean it use a damp cloth.
You should not let a child sleep with a necklace on.
However, you can wrap a necklace around your child’s ankle and have them wear it under pajamas or a sock.
This way it keeps working and you don’t have to deal with the “reset” like I did the one time I kept it off at night.
Amber works best when worn closest to the area it needs to effect.
Hence around the neck is ideal for teething but if you have pain in your wrist then a bracelet would be preferred.
Look for jewelry that has each bead individually knotted.
This way, if the jewelry ever gets broken, you only loose one bead instead of the entire strand.
This is especially important with children.

As I said, I ordered our amber necklace from Hazelaid. Hazelaid also sells Hazelwood necklaces, as well as Hazelwood and Amber combination necklaces.

Save 10% off your order with our code: PISTACHIO10.

Hazelaid is of course just one company of many who sell amber teething necklaces. There are dozens out there.

However, Hazelaid is one of a few that sell Baltic amber necklaces and it is Baltic amber that has one of the highest concentrations of succinic acid.

Lithuanian’s makes each piece so you know it’s the real deal. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of many other companies out there.

Each necklace or bracelet from Hazelaid is knotted in between each bead; this ensures that if some how your necklace or bracelet were to break, you would only lose one stone and not the whole string.

Hazelaid not only offers Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets (for children as well as adults) but they also offer hazelwood jewelry, which is great for eczema and acid reflux.

This family owned company also offers hazel-amber jewelry, which is a combination of both hazelwood and amber, and quite a few other products as well.