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BabyLegs are a wonderful thing. No, I’m not talking about cute chunky baby thighs; although those are quite adorable. I’m talking about leg warmers for babies.

BabyLegs are a great alternative to tights plus they can be worn by boys or girls (just get boyish ones for the boys).

You can stash a pair in your bag for when you are out and suddenly realize that it’s just too cold for your baby. How often have you realized that the temperature has dropped and your baby’s legs are getting chilly?

Baby legs also have the advantage in that they can grow with you child. They can wear them as full leg warmers from baby to toddler, then half leg warmers as they get older, or they can even wear them on their arms in order to turn a short sleeve shirt into a long one.

For that matter, YOU can wear them on your arms to stay a bit warmer! I’ve worn my daughter’s baby legs on my arms quite a few times when I was watching the kids play at the park and I had forgotten a sweater.

Baby legs are also quite essential to moms who cloth diaper. It gives your baby “pants” without having to squish that fluffy butt into pants that were made for disposable butts.

However, baby legs are pricey! Generally going for around $12.00 but sometimes they can reach the crazy amount of $20.00!

I mean, it’s a pair of socks! Why so expensive? I have no idea! Make your own babylegs and they only cost $2.00!

make your own babylegs

Make Your Own BabyLegs

All you need is a sewing machine, scissors, and a pair of women’s knee high socks! Often you can buy knee high socks at Target for $2.00.

However, if you make your own BabyLegs and you realize it’s this cheap and easy to make them… you end up with a problem; baby leg addiction.

If you want to make your own babylegs for your baby or make a bunch for a baby shower gift, check out this tutorial video.