Do You Have Good or Bad Eggs?

Not all eggs are the same. Not even all organic eggs are the same. There are quite a few differences. We’ve probably all heard about cage-free, pastured, grain-fed/grain-free, vegetarian, etc. However, if you are really interested in all the details of where your eggs are coming from you really need to check

This wonderful company has done the research for us. On their Organic Egg Scorecard, you can see where eggs rate based on what type of farm they are from. See how much pasture time they get, how long the hens live, how much space they have to live and roam, if their beaks are trimmed, and where farms get more chicks/hens from. You also can see how much information the companies disclose.
Disclosure is one of the main reasons why grocery store organic lines get very poor ratings. They simply will not disclose their information. They might otherwise have great ratings but until they share their information we can never know. Sadly that is one reason why I’m having to switch egg companies. I was buying a grocery store organic line but now I see that they won’t disclose their information…that plus I also just realized that they are vegetarian.
If you are interested to see if your eggs are good or not, definitely check that site out!