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Want to save money when doing laundry? Want to stop using chemical laden dryer sheets? Look no further!

Wool Dryer Balls to the Rescue!

Wool dryer balls are a great economical way to help dry laundry. Since adding them to my laundry, I have decrease my drying time by 25%!

That might not sound like much but it adds up! For my cloth diaper load, that means I shaved off 30 minutes of dryer time!

Wool Dryer Ball Benefits

  • Decreases drying time. Generally 4 dryer balls will cut a small load by 50% and a large load by 25%!
  • Saves money because you no longer need to buy dryer sheets (if you do that is) plus all the money you will save from running your dryer less.
  • Reduces static
  • Softens clothes
  • Is toxin free, unlike dryer sheets or the PVC dryer balls.
  • Safe for cloth diapers
  • Great way to soften towels since you shouldn’t use softener or dryer sheets on towels as both will reduce absorbency.
  • Safe for those with sensitive skin, which once again makes these a great alternative to dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener.
  • Last for years if you treat them right.

Where To Get Wool Dryer Balls

You have two options: make the wool dryer balls yourself or buy them.

DIY: Wool dryer balls are very easy to make. It really is just rolling wool yarn into a ball! Ok there’s a bit more to it but it is very simple! If you want to make some dryer balls for yourself check out this tutorial.

Buy: If you aren’t very crafty or just don’t want to spend your time winding balls of yarn, then I suggest checking out LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls.

How Many Wool Dryer Balls Do You Need

Here’s what I’ve heard recommended:

2-3 balls for softening
4-6 balls to reduce dryer time by 20-50% depending on load size.
7-10+ balls for really big loads.

I started with 5 homemade dryer balls. Eventually, I upgraded to 9 LooHoo wool dryer balls (because apparently I didn’t make my dryer balls well enough and they unraveled).