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I wear makeup. Not a ton, just enough. Now I suppose if I wanted to be extra crunchy, I’d give up my makeup ways and embrace my natural face…. But that’s not going to happen. I like my makeup.

Makeup does come with a long list of toxins. Many makeup brands contain lead, parabens, talc, and phthalates. That’s just a few of the many toxins in the products that we put on our face every single day!

If you want to know about the ingredients in your beauty products and see how toxic they are check out EWG’s Skin Deep. This is a wonderful resource that helps you understand how toxic your products are and it can help you find products that are less harmful.

Knowing that I was slathering on harmful chemicals on my face everyday, I began to search for something better.

100% Pure Cosmetics: A Natural Makeup Brand

I found 100% Pure. I love this company! Their products are totally natural. There are no synthetic chemicals, no fake fragrances, no artificial colorings. Instead they use fruit and vegetable pigments, herbs, and teas to make their cosmetics.

The really great thing about 100% Pure is not only are you avoiding the bad ingredients but you are actually getting beneficial ingredients! You get antioxidants and vitamins from the natural ingredients. My skin is in much better shape since I switched to 100% Pure.

Want to know what I use?

Black Tea Mascara – Have you ever wanted to eat your mascara? That’s right, I said EAT! One smell of this mascara and you might think about it! Ok, it’s not that strong of a scent but it does smell yummy. It also works great. It doesn’t smudge like some natural mascaras.

Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer with SPF 20 – Works great and has a safe sunscreen too!

Foundation Powder with SPF 20 – Full of good stuff and covers well!

Lip and Cheek Tint – Smells yummy and I can use it as a blush or lip tint.

Powdered Eye Shadows – Tons of shades!

Now I won’t lie, this stuff is more money then you’d normally spend for off the shelf makeup. Most natural makeup is a bit pricey. However, I think it’s worth it. A great idea is to make it your Christmas or birthday present. That’s what I do.

If you want a great natural makeup, check 100% Pure Cosmetics out. They have some great stuff.

Note: I’m not being paid for this post in any way. I just adore their products!