Make Your Own Nursing Cover

When I had my first baby, nursing covers did not exist or if they did I didn’t know about them. Fast forward to baby number 3, nursing covers are everywhere! Now for three kids, I’ve done the whole hide them under a blanket deal, which works alright but the blanket is always just a tad small and my kids love to flail about causing issues.

I wanted/needed a nursing cover. However, I did not want to pay the some $30 that most nursing covers cost. I decided to go looking for a tutorial on making one myself. Voila! Tutorials everywhere!
For just about $5.00 I made my nursing cover. That’s right, only 1/6 the cost of a store bought one! It was also a piece of cake to make. Seriously, it’s essentially a few rectangles that you sew. Real simple! Now I did skip the boning on mine (boning is the stiff piece that causes that little peek a boo area on nursing covers) I just didn’t want to bother, plus I feel like I would be too exposed (whether that’s a realistic fear, I don’t know).
A nursing cover might not be all that crunchy of a thing, but it is for breastfeeding. Plus I was frugal and saved myself money. Frugal is crunchy, I think. If you are interested in making your own nursing cover or one for a friend (think shower gift!) here’s the tutorial I used.
Note: Yes, I know my picture of my nursing cover is lame. It looks much better in real life, I promise.