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We recently went on vacation. I had brought my usual body wash/face wash (aka Dr. Bronners) to wash my face with but it’s winter and my skin was way too dry.

So I decided to use something else; my kids’ cough medicine (aka honey). As it turns out, my face loved honey, although my hair not so much since I did a horrible job at keeping the honey out of my hair and an even worse job at rinsing it out. Note: tie hair back when washing face.

Sometimes you run out of your natural face wash. Sometimes you can’t afford a natural face wash. Sometimes you don’t WANT to afford it. It can cost a pretty penny for good face products.

What do you do then? Don’t reach for some cheap toxin filled products, go to your kitchen instead.

That’s right, your kitchen! You can find everything you need for your face inside your pantry.

The wonderful thing about these products is that they are not only cheap; they work great as well!

Don’t reach for some toxin filled products, go to your kitchen instead. You'll find everything you need for your face inside your pantry. Total Face Care from the Kitchen!

Total Face Care from the Kitchen

Face Washes from the Kitchen

Honey – Great for cleaning and moisturizing. Just wet your face with a bit of water, add honey and rub.
Oatmeal – Ground oatmeal that is. Messy but good.
Milk – Sounds odd but it works.
Oil – Sounds even crazier then the milk huh? Think it’ll make you break out… oddly it doesn’t. The Oil Cleansing Method is used by many.

Scrubs from the Kitchen

Baking Soda – Gentle but abrasive. The more water there is mixed with the baking soda, the less abrasive it will be.
Ground Oats – There’s that oatmeal again!
Skin Brightening Scrub – Easily made with coconut oil, sugar, and lemon.
Honey and Sugar – 1 tsp. honey mixed with 1 tsp. sugar. When’s the last time you wanted to eat your face scrub?

Masks from the Kitchen

Leave on for about 10-20 minutes.

Coconut Mocha Mask – Coconut, chocolate, and coffee. What’s not to love?
Yogurt – Probably best to go with vanilla or plain for this.
Honey – See I told you it’s a mask!
Detoxifying Face Mask – Bentonite clay, green tea, and epsom salts (ok so maybe all of those aren’t in the kitchen)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Face Mask – chocolate and strawberries, need I say more?
Oatmeal – Are you noticing how many of these are 3 in 1?
Mashed Banana – You might look like the baby threw their breakfast at you but it’ll be worth it.

Moisturizers from the Kitchen

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Starts as a solid but melts on your face. This stuff is the best.
Apricot Kernel Oil – Light weight and absorbs quickly.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Used for centuries but may be a bit thick for some.

These are just a few natural face products. There are literally hundreds of products waiting in your pantry or fridge to be used on your face. Go ahead, give yourself a facial in your kitchen today.