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Women (pregnant or not!) Learn the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Your uterus and cycle will thank you!

Red Raspberry Leaf tea (Rubus idaeus) is an herbal tea made from you guessed it, the leaves of the raspberry plant. Do not confuse this with the raspberry flavored tea that you see in stores all the time; it is NOT the same.

Tea for women

The Benefits Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf has been used for centuries for many aliments but it is most known for its use by women.

It’s particularly beneficial for pregnancy and labor which is why pregnant women should drink red raspberry leaf tea.

However, it is also great for non-pregnant women who have heavy or irregular menstrual cycles.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is most popular among pregnant women due it's ability to shorten labor. However, RRLT is not limited to just pregnant women! omen (pregnant or not!) Learn the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Your uterus and cycle will thank you!! #redraspberryleaf #RRLT #herbalremedies #naturalremedies #femininecare #PMS #heavycycle #naturalpregnancy #shortenlabor

Why Every Woman Should Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Why Pregnant Women Should Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Relieves nausea
  • Shorter Labor. Tones the uterus, which makes contractions more effective thus making labor easier and potentially less painful. (note: it will not induce labor. It only makes labor more effective once it has already begun) (source)
  • Increases milk supply
  • Helps bring the uterus back to it’s usual size after delivery
  • Less post-partum bleeding and can help prevent hemorrhage


Why Non-Pregnant Women Should Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Can decrease heavy cycles
  • Aids against PMS

Red Raspberry Leaf is High in the Following Nutrients:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Why Every Woman Should Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

How Much Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Drink

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Amount For Pregnant Women:

General rule of thumb is 1 cup a day in the 1st trimester, 2 cups in the 2nd trimester, 3 cups in the third trimester.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in Early Pregnancy

It should be noted that some believe that drinking Red Raspberry Leaf in the 1st trimester may cause miscarriage, (this is based on an old study that from what I’ve researched is faulty).

However, to be on the safe side you can simply skip drinking it until you are in your 2nd trimester.

However… it also should be noted that Red Raspberry Leaf tea is also said to help prevent miscarriage and helps relieve morning sickness and is thus prescribed to many mothers in the first trimester.

You will have to decide which side you lean towards reguarding RRLT safety in the first trimester.

If you want a tea that has even more benefits, check out my herbal pregnancy tea blend! It still contains amazing red raspberry leaf but has a few other beneficial ingredients!

Red Raspberry Leaf While in Labor

Red Raspberry Leaf is also great to drink during labor.

It will not only hydrate you but it will also help keep your uterus working efficiently. Many women even like to make the tea into ice chips.

Red Raspberry Leaf for Nursing

After baby you can continue drinking red raspberry leaf tea but if you also want to get a bit of help with your milk supply, you can try out my nursing support tea blend!

For Non-Pregnant Women:

Drink 2-3 cups a day. In 2-3 months you should see results.

Note: You should drink red raspberry leaf tea all month long but during your period, you may want to try switching to my menstrual cramp relief tea which includes a few other herbs in addition to red raspberry leaf.

Tea for women

Where to Buy Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

There are a few forms of Red Raspberry Leaf: pre-bagged tea, loose leaf, and even capsules.

Many grocery stores are now carrying Red Raspberry Leaf tea in their “natural” sections. Make sure that the box says Red Raspberry Leaf or Raspberry Leaf.

You want the word “Leaf” if not you are probably just getting the Raspberry flavored tea, which tastes better but will not do anything.

While buying from a local store is convenient it will cost you more, especially since you will be drinking a ton of this tea!

So I recommend buying it online through Amazon for the best price, especially if you buy it in bulk.

Loose Leaf:
Loose Leaf is by far the best way to buy tea. It is also the cheapest way.

You buy Loose Leaf buy by the pound. 1 pound of leaves will make 100-200 cups of tea!

I just bought 2 lbs (400 cups) for only $25 including shipping.

There’s no way you’d get anywhere near 400 cups for that price if you were buying pre-bagged. I prefer to buy my loose leaf tea from Amazon.

This really just turns Red Raspberry Leaf into your “vitamin”. Buy a bottle of pills from a natural store or online and take as directed.

It should be noted that capsules are likely to be the least fresh and thus potentially the least effect of the methods.

benefits of red raspberry leaf tea

How to Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Just make as you would normal tea. Boil 1 cup water, drop in one tea bag and let steep for about 10-20 minutes.

Loose Leaf:
Boil 1 cup water, add 1-2 teaspoons of leaves, and let steep for 10-20 minutes. Remove leaves by straining through muslin or cheesecloth.

The tea can also be made in large batches so that you can have it as “iced tea”. Just multiply the recipe and once cool put the tea in the fridge.

Tips for Sweetening Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Many people can drink tea without any sweeteners, however if you are like me you will need something sweet in your tea.

Since I’m drinking multiple cups of tea a day, I didn’t really want to go with the usual sugar route; that adds up to a lot of sugar for me!

Here are some sweetener ideas that are a bit better for you then sugar:

Unsweetened Juice
Natural Sweeteners – Honey, Stevia
Smoothies –1-cup tea with frozen fruit blended. Doesn’t taste quite as good as a normal smoothie but it’s a great way of getting your fruit in and not using a sweetener for your tea.

The Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea…For Me!
How Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Worked for Me!

Edit to add – I have now had baby #3 and I can say that my labor was definitely quicker this time. Now some of that probably has to do with the fact that this was also my second labor and not my first.

However, I wasn’t expecting it to be this much of an improvement! My first labor was 30 hours. Therefore I was expecting this labor to be 15 maybe 10 hours (10 if I was incredibly lucky).

This time, it was only 6 hours and I only pushed for 3 minutes! Wow! Quite impressive!

So will I be drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea with my next pregnancy? You bet! Besides I’ve grown fond of drinking multiple cups of it everyday.

Another Edit: I have now had baby #4 and drank RRLT from the very beginning and at a higher dose (because I had never stopped drinking it after baby #3 so my body was used to multiple cups a day).

Baby #4 was my first non-pitocin birth so early labor took longer but RRLT is supposedly for the active labor stage and transition. That I can attest to going very quickly!

With baby # 3 (as you can see above) my active labor to birth was about 6 hours on pitocin. With baby #4 my active labor to birth was 4 hours, transition was only 1 of those hours and pushing was probably 3 minutes or less. Labor was very easy and “do-able”.