I have never been a fan of buying used items. I have no idea why; maybe I’ve stepped into too many filthy thrift stores. Either way, I have avoided buying used.

In the attempt to rid my house to plastic toys, I took my bags of plastic to a consignment store. I figure I might as well have the possibility of getting some money from these toys. Plus donating them is much better then just throwing them away. Thus I stepped foot in my first consignment store. I have been missing out!

First off, the donating of toys was so easy! I just dropped them off with one of the workers and she told me that I could call anytime and check to see if any of my items sold. At this store at least, they put your item on sale and if it sells, you receive 40% cash or 50% store credit. After visiting that store, I might just take the credit!

The store was great! Maybe it is because it was only kid and baby stuff but it was quite nice. Tons of clothes, a few cribs, toys galore, and so on. They even sale new items. I found quite a few new carriers, shoes, and toys. This lovely store actually carries the largest selection of Melissa & Doug toys that I have ever seen! They definitely have more then any other toy store I’ve been too! I’ll admit, it was the toys that did me in. I’m making a switch to wood toys. No more plastic in my house, preferably. Melissa & Doug is affordable and it’s wood.

So buying used might not be all that bad. I definitely will be back at my consignment store, in fact, I went back today as my boys had some money they wanted to spend. They bought a used Melissa & Doug toy, half the price of a new one! Of course, this could just mean that I’ll end up spending more money as I now have a new love, maybe I’ll just have to sell more plastic junk.