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If you’ve decided to cloth diaper then you might want to think about using cloth baby wipes as well! Learn why you should switch to cloth baby wipes, how to use cloth wipes, and where to get them!

I have waited a long time to finally start using cloth wipes on my baby. I would have made the switch months ago but the huge box of bulk wipes that I bought has made itself last forever.

Once I opened the last package of wipes, I immediately made the switch and I will never go back to disposable baby wipes again!

Why in the world would I want cloth wipes? Believe it or not baby wipes have quite a mixture of chemicals and they are not very nice ones.

In fact, the wipes my family generally used recently switched formulas and my baby’s skin was not happy!

What Chemicals are in Baby Wipes?

2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1; 3-Diol: This one has a toxic rating of 10 on Skin Deep! It is a neurotoxin, immunotoxin, and organ system toxin. There is also concern for formaldehyde contamination.

DMDM Hydantoin: releases formaldehyde and is also an immunotoxin.

Propylene Glycol: immunotoxin, organ toxin, irritant, increased cancer risk. Curiously, it is also used in anti-freeze.

Methylparaben: endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicin, organ toxin, biochemical and cellular level changes.

Sadly these are just some of the chemicals in baby wipes. There are unfortunately many more.

I have  a wonderful article about some of the safer wipes as well as many of the nasty chemicals in the not so safe wipes.

Nobody needs harmful chemicals put on their body, babies are no exception. In fact, babies out of all people need to stay away from harmful chemicals.

Babies have much more delicate skin then adults, they do not need nasty chemicals on their delicate bodies.

On top of that there are many benefits to switching to cloth wipes!

If you've decided to cloth diaper then you might want to think about using cloth baby wipes as well! It actually makes using cloth diapers even easier (no more accidentally laundering disposable baby wipes!) Learn all the benefits of using cloth wipes, how to use cloth wipes, and where to get them! #clothwipes #wipes #reusable #baby #greenbaby #zerowaste

Why You Should Switch to Cloth Baby Wipes

  • Saves money – We can go through a lot of baby wipes. With cloth wipes you buy just once and you’ll never have to run to the store for more baby wipes again!
  • Reusable – This is about as green as you can get! Cloth wipes are zero waste which is something that can’t be said for baby wipes!
  • No toxic chemicals – Like I talked about above, baby wipes have lots fo nasty ingredients. Cloth wipes have zero!
  • Softer – Cloth wipes has got it beat when it comes to softness!
  • Keeps you cleaner – Cloth wipes are hefty things and they will help keep your hands clean while wiping your baby.
  • Fun colors and prints – Ok, probably not a benefit at all but it does make something as boring as baby wipes fun!

How to Use Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are just like disposable baby wipes with the small exception of needing to get them wet. There are a few ways you can use to wet the cloth wipes:

– Spray the cloth wipe with a cloth wipe solution right before use
– Wet a few cloth wipes with a cloth wipe solution and store in a container/mini wet bag for the day
– Spray the cloth with with plain water right before use
– Wet a few cloth wipes with plain water and store in a  container/mini wet bag for the day

Dirty cloth wipes go in with the dirty cloth diapers and then you just wash like you always wash your cloth diapers.

How to Use Cloth Wipes

How Many Cloth Wipes do You Need?

In my post on starting cloth diapers, I say you  need 24-36 cloth wipes. With that amount, you should have enough wipes to last you at least 2-3 days.

Where To Buy Cloth Wipes

There are tons of places that you can buy cloth wipes. You can even make your own cloth wipes (see below).

I personally love buying my family cloth from Creekside Kid. Their cloth wipes are great quality and come in tons of colors and patterns.

Making Your Own Cloth Wipes

Take a trip to the fabric store and buy some fabric (just flannel is great but you could also do one side flannel and one side terry cloth).

I made 30 wipes for only $6.00! If you are interested in making your own cloth wipes? Check out this tutorial. 

Ready to go to the next level and start using cloth wipes for yourself? You can! It’s called “family cloth”! You’ll want to read my family cloth post to learn all about this ultra green practice!