Switching to Cloth Wipes

I have waited a long time to finally make cloth wipes. I would have made them months ago but the huge box of bulk wipes that I bought has made itself last forever. Once I opened the last package of wipes, I was off to the fabric store in search of terry cloth and flannel. I now have 30 wipes made out of cloth for my toddler. It’s amazing how long sewing 30 little squares can take! However, it was definitely worth it, especially since I made 30 wipes for only $6.00 whereas I could buy 12 wipes from some online store for a minimum of $12.00.

Why in the world would I want cloth wipes? Believe it or not baby wipes have quite a mixture of chemicals and they are not very nice ones. In fact, the wipes my family generally used recently switched formulas and my youngest son’s skin did not like it.

What chemicals are in our children’s wipes?

2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1; 3-Diol: This one has a toxic rating of 10 on Skin Deep! It is a neurotoxin, immunotoxin, and organ system toxin. There is also concern for formaldehyde contamination.

DMDM Hydantoin: releases formaldehyde and is also an immunotoxin.

Propylene Glycol: immunotoxin, organ toxin, irritant, increased cancer risk. Curiously, it is also used in anti-freeze.

Methylparaben: endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicin, organ toxin, biochemical and cellular level changes.

Sadly these are just some of the chemicals in baby wipes. There are unfortunately many more. I have  a wonderful article about some of the safer wipes as well as many of the nasty chemicals in the not so safe wipes.

Nobody needs harmful chemicals put on their body, babies are no exception. In fact, babies out of all people need to stay away from harmful chemicals. Babies have much more delicate skin then adults, they do not need nasty chemicals on their delicate bodies.

That is why I made my cloth wipes. My child does not need toxins on his skin. Cloth wipes work great. All you need to do is spray them with water or a wipe solution before using them. Some people pre-soak their wipes so that they are more like traditional wipes, however that can cause smell or even mildew issues. I am choosing the spray route, it might take a smidgen longer then grabbing a commercial wipe out of a box but my child’s skin will thank me.

Interested in making your own cloth wipes? Check out this tutorial.