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Just 3 ingredients that you likely already have in your house and you can make your own all natural homemade hairspray! No more toxic ingredients!

Hairspray is full of nasty stuff. It is coating your hair in plastic, in reality.

Would you coat any other part of your body in plastic? I think not. Why should your hair be any different?

zero waste hairspray

On my quest for natural hairsprays, I discovered I could make my own all natural homemade hairspray using ingredients that I already had in my kitchen!

As it turns out, hairspray is not all that hard to make! No need for crazy ingredients. All I need is sugar! Who knew that a watered down simple syrup can work as a hairspray?

If you doubt that sugar water can really act as hairspray, let me assure you it really and truly will work!

Even if it didn’t you are only out what… two cents? Because that’s how ridiculously cheap it is to make this all natural homemade hairspray.

All Natural Homemade Hairspray - Just 3 ingredients that you likely already have in your house and you can make your own hairspray! No more toxic ingredients! #hairspray #naturalhaircare #haircare #nontoxic #homemade #easy

All Natural Homemade Hairspray

1/2 cup water (boiled or just about boiled)
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract or another extract or a 1-2 drops of essential oil (optional)

After heating the water, remove from heat, add sugar and the vanilla.
Wait until cooled before pouring into a spray bottle. Old hairspray bottles work great as do old body splash bottles. (once cleaned obviously)
Use like you would a normal hairspray. Replace when it no longer looks the same.

This stuff works great!

If you need a stronger spray add more sugar. Although I can not imagine needing anything stronger as this stuff seems to work better then my old hairspray.

If you want less hold then add less sugar. Simple!

I do have one word of warning; as this is essentially sugar water, bees can be attracted to it. I have not had a problem yet but those with severe bee allergies should take care.

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