For over a month now, I have been soda free. Makes me sound like an alcoholic, doesn’t it? For many people, it is not all that different then alcohol. Soda can be very addicting and in my opinion it is probably just as unhealthy as alcohol. We all know that soda is just full of empty calories. That’s reason enough to stop. Why bother drinking soda when you could have juice which is actually beneficial to your body, or good old water? Then there’s the acidity of soda. Did you know that soda has the same acidic level as vinegar? It can remove rust! Remind me why we put that into our stomachs?

If you think like me then you switch to diet sodas, at least that way you don’t have empty calories or any calories for that matter. Not so fast! Diet soda has no calories because they replace sugar with aspartame. Aspartame that wonderful calorie free substance that was supposed to be the answer to our beloved sugar. Companies wouldn’t put it into drinks if it was harmful, right? WRONG! Aspartame is made up of phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. Once you drink aspartame it breaks back up into these three substances and then it further breaks up into: formaldehyde and formic acid. Both formaldehyde and formic acid are carcinogens. Well that removes diet soda from my drinking list!

The final piece that I needed to quit drinking soda was not actually the soda but the can that the soda was in. Did you know that soda cans have a lining? It makes sense, it’s an aluminum can and you don’t want to use aluminum on its own. I, honestly, had never thought about it. Until I began reading about BPA in canned food. You know what else BPA is in? Yep, soda cans. Just what is BPA? Bisphenol-A is a chemical that is used in plastics and in epoxy resins. BPA has been linked to many different problems including: birth defects of the male and female reproductive systems, cancer, miscarriages, obesity, early puberty and Type II diabetes. Most mom’s will remember when BPA was the big thing concerning baby bottles. Walk down any baby aisle now and you will see large labels saying that their product is BPA Free. There’s a reason why and now that parents have become aware of what BPA is doing they have caused baby companies to remove BPA from their products. However, it’s not just toxic to babies. Babies are more susceptible to chemicals due to them being much smaller in size than adults but we, adults can still suffer from BPA. This was what caused me to finally stop drinking soda (and stop buying canned goods). If I can lower my risk of getting cancer, or messing up my child’s reproductive system then I will give up drinking soda.

As I said, I’ve been “clean” for about a month and a half now. The first week was tough. It doesn’t help when you decide to eat out a couple of times that first week. However, once I was past the two week point, it wasn’t that hard. There are still times when I watch a soda go buy and I can instantly “taste” it in my mouth, all I have to do though is think about what is actually inside soda and what is on the soda can and I suddenly have no problem letting that soda slip away.