So Many Chemicals, So Little TimeThere are hundreds of chemicals that we put on our body. Could you name all the ingredients in your shampoo? Could you point out the toxic ones from the safe ones? I can’t.

I can read books upon books but I am still not going to remember all of the bad chemicals. I do want to avoid these toxins. It’s just not feasible to carry a huge list of chemicals to avoid and read the ingredients on every single bottle in the store.

Thankfully, someone has realized this problem. The lovely people over at the Environmental Working Group have compiled a database of beauty products and the chemicals they contain. They have taken all the guess work out of finding safe products and rated them for people like me.

So Many Chemicals, So Little Time

Based on the chemicals in a product, it can be rated ‘0’ being completely safe to a ’10’ being run away as fast as possible. Just type in a brand and up pops the ingredient list, the problems with each chemical, and the safety rating. Wonderful!

If you rather not search by brand then simply click on a category (like shampoo) and all the products in that category will appear and in lowest to highest rating order. This is great when you know you want to replace a product but you have no idea what to replace it with.

If your brand isn’t listed for some reason, you can also search by individual ingredients. This of course takes more time but it can be very eye opening to see that the one odd sounding ingredient in your “organic” body wash is contaminating the whole bottle with toxins.

So go on and visit Skin Deep. You will be amazed at what is hiding in those products we use to be beautiful.