Safer Sipping

Drinking water is a great way to have a healthy body. However, the container we use to hold the water might be causing us to have toxins in our bodies.

Many people drink water and other liquids out of plastic water bottles. Sadly, not all plastics are safe. Many contain Bisphenol A, a hormone disrupter. BPA has been linked to reproductive problems, obesity, and even hyperactivity. Not something I want my water bottle to be made out of.

Thankfully, there are a few companies who understand this problem. Quite a few plastic water bottles are being made without BPA, just look for the label. I, personally don’t trust plastic at all any longer. Many baby bottles that claimed to be BPA free have now been shown to actually have BPA in them. I do not see why adult water bottles will be any different.

There is a alternative to plastic: aluminum lined water bottles and stainless steel.

My only problem with the aluminum lined bottles is that many of times, the lining can contain BPA. It’s a good alternative, just read those labels!

Stainless steel happens to be my personal choice. The wonderful thing about stainless steel is that it will not break, doesn’t make your water taste like plastic, and will last forever.