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They say your life changes once you have kids and that is true. However, nobody tells you that not only your kids will change your life but YOU will change your life for your kids.

Now I’m not talking about not eating out, giving up Saturday shopping to go to soccer practices, or even the lack of sleep so your child can eat.

I’m talking about how once you have a child, suddenly the world around you is no longer “safe”. Things you never even thought about instantly become horrors and the stuff that keeps you up at night.

Now there are many things that have to change once baby comes along. I’m going to focus on the healthy living part. Granted some of it will be safety related but not in the sense of put locks on your cabinets.

When my first child was born, I was determine to not let him grow up as unhealthy as I am. This child would be healthy, he would like vegetables, not be addicted to sugar, and who knows maybe actually LIKE exercising!

So I started out as many moms do, making my own baby food. Now I’ll have to be honest with you this really started out as a save money thing also. My boys are now too old for baby food but I’m still feeding them fruits, veggies, and when I make baked goods for them, you can bet they are zucchini muffins with more veggies in it than anything else.

I’m of the believe that if you start them out eating ridiculously healthy then they will stick with it. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids still eat junk.

It’s too rough (on me and them) to forbid certain foods when we are out. However, even with knowing what a doughnut tastes like my boys will still eat those ultra-healthy muffins.

That was the beginning for me. Just the eating part. Then I started reading. Oh dear! What had I begun?

Suddenly, there are everyday products that are toxic in my house! The baby body wash contains horrible toxic chemicals, the bottles contain BPA, the toys are made with phthalates, and my makeup is full of parabens.

Gasp! How did I not KNOW this??? What in the world are they doing in my products? Most importantly, were there any substitutes for these toxic substances???

Thankfully, the answer is YES! This is what my blog is about; finding alternatives for the nasty everyday products we use. Although I’m sure I will have more than just alternatives on here.

I am also hoping to explain some of these chemicals in detail. There is no reason why I should not share with everyone just what parabens are or why dying your hair could be harmful during pregnancy.

I hope you will read this blog and learn all about what we are putting in our bodies and our children’s bodies.

There is a reason why “going green” is so chic right now and why “crunchy” is becoming increasing popular.

It’s because people are becoming aware of what we are doing to ourselves and the world. This is just my part to helping people become aware.