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Flawless All Butter Pie Crust

I’ll admit it, I’ve used store bought pie crusts when I’ve made pies in the past. Pie crusts just seem intimidating and up until now, I thought that pie crusts always used shortening. I’m not a fan of shortening. So I avoided making pie crusts.Then I gave this all butter pie crust a try and life will never be the same. Now store bought pie crusts have ingredients that are much worse then just shortening. I didn’t really think you could get to crazy with pie crust ingredients but companies have found a way… curious as to what I...

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Sugar Free Whipped Cream

Let’s talk about whipped cream. Whipped cream seems like a simple enough topping for all the dessert. It’s just cream that is whipped, right? Sadly, if you buy store bought whipped cream it can be a far cry from simple cream! Depending on the type of whipped cream you buy, you’ll find more than just cream in the ingredient list. You’ll also find, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, mono and diglycerides, carrageenan, and more ingredients that you can barely pronounce. Definitely not natural! The good news is that whipped cream really is just cream that you...

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Healthy Vanilla Pudding

Vanilla pudding is one of those all time classics. Everybody has had it and pretty much everyone loves it. It’s simple and tastes good! That is why I’m sharing this healthy vanilla pudding recipe with you! Store bought pudding is no where near being natural. Seriously! I thought the ingredients would be closer to the standard processed food list where there was some real food ingredients and some chemical, hard to pronounce stuff. Wrong!!! There is very little that is “real” in store bought pudding! Want to know what is in vanilla pudding? Sugar, dextrose, cornstarch, modified cornstarch, natural...

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Chocolate Sunbutter Cups

Do you love chocolate? I’m assuming you do, who doesn’t love chocolate? What about peanut butter cups? Or perhaps you would love to try peanut butter cups but you are allergic to peanuts like my son. I’ve been wanting to make some form of “chocolate” for awhile now. I knew homemade would be much healthier than store bought. I could easily let my kids eat it for a snack and it wouldn’t even need to be considered an indulgence because the ingredients are that good. I finally decided to make chocolate sunbutter cups. Now I am personally a fan...

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