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Creamy Cashew Butter

I have been a lover of peanut butter for ages. I grew up with PB&J’s and come collage I was known to eat peanut butter by the spoonful. I’m still a big fan of peanut butter but things have changed a lot! I had a son who had nut allergies so we discovered sunbutter. Sunbutter is pretty amazing by the way! However, when I had to be dairy free while nursing my baby, I was introduced to cashew milk. I was in heaven the first time I tried it. Cashew milk opened up a huge world for me. I never...

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Homemade Tahini

I’ll be honest, my family has never really delved into the tahini world. I’m not sure why but we haven’t. However, I’m always on the look out for ways to get healthy calories into my kids and so one day, I decided to randomly buy sesame seeds. No sooner had I purchased the seeds that I quickly realized I needed to figure out how I was going to use all those sesame seeds! Thankfully, I found out that it’s incredibly easy to make your own tahini! Tahini is really just sesame seed butter. I make homemade sunbutter all the...

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No Nut Nutella

Nutella has been a favorite by all for years now although it’s seems that the Nutella craze has been particularly strong the last year or two. Everyone everywhere is slathering Nutella onto anything they can get their hands on. Well almost everyone… Unfortunately those who have nut allergies have never been able to try this amazing concoction. These people need a No Nut Nutella! My son is one of those people. He has a nut allergy and because of this we’ve made the switch to sunbutter. I’ve been making our own sunbutter for awhile now so it was only...

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Homemade Coconut Butter

I think we all know that coconut oil is one of the best things on earth. However, coconut is quite the resourceful little drupe… yeah that’s right it’s a drupe which is a fruit that has a hard covering around the seed. Coconuts are not nuts for the record. As I was saying, coconuts can do a lot! Coconut oil, coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut flakes, coconut flour, and coconut butter! Today we are going to be talking about coconut butter. Coconut butter is like the coconut version of peanut butter. You can slather it on toast, make a...

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Homemade Coffee Extract

 Vanilla extract gets all the fame and all the attention. However, there are many different extracts out there and they are all incredibly easy to make! I have already written about how to make your own vanilla extract and now I’m going to share how to make coffee extract! Coffee extract? Yes, coffee! Considering I do not drink coffee, it might be a bit odd that I’m sharing a recipe for an extract that screams coffee. However, I do like coffee flavored foods and drinks. When it comes to coffee ice cream, frappuccinos, or baked goods coffee extract is...

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Real vanilla extract, the good stuff is pricey. The cheap stuff is often imitation and really not good for you. Plus there’s the fact that some vanilla extracts have sugar or corn syrup added to them. Not really want you want to use when making lovely food from scratch. Thankfully it’s incredibly easy to make your own vanilla extract. I mean really easy! Now what does vanilla extract have to do with homemade holidays, you ask? A lot! Vanilla just screams holiday baking. Therefore homemade vanilla is a great gift to give as a gift. I’m pretty certain that...

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Homemade Sunbutter

If you had asked me if I knew what sunbutter was just a few years ago, I would have had no idea what you were talking about. I certainly wouldn’t have known how to make my own! However, after realizing that one of my kids is allergic to nuts we dived into the nut-free world and were introduced to sunbutter. This stuff is great. It tastes almost like peanut butter, so much so that even I don’t mind using it and I can allow my son to enjoy some of the funner things in life like sunbutter cups, sunbutter...

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