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Grain-Free Parsley Cheese Bread

The following is a guest post from¬†Sarah Anderson Grain-free Parsley Cheese Bread slathered with butter gives you that “I’ve died and gone to heaven” feeling. If you are grain-free like me, and don’t have many options for bread, you really know what I am talking about. Maybe you don’t even remember when you last had it. This bread is so easy because you don’t have to bother with yeast rising or kneading the dough. Does it get any easier than that? Well, I used to like kneading bread dough, but I haven’t had any luck making a grain-free bread...

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Buttery Drop Biscuits

I’ll admit that I’m a bread lover and biscuits are no exception. I often make my coconut oil drop biscuits for the family but sometimes you just want butter. Now don’t get me wrong, I love coconut oil and all the many benefits that it has. I also love it as a great dairy-free alternative to butter. However, nobody in my family is dairy-free so sometimes I like to use butter. Besides, butter is good for you! That’s right! In case you haven’t heard butter is finally getting it’s rightful place in our diets that it deserves. For years...

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Coconut Oil Drop Biscuits

Do you love biscuits? I adore biscuits. Homemade biscuits straight from the oven are delicious and I won’t lie, they taste even better with some honey on them! Normally I follow a recipe that I’ve been using for years which my family loves but I wanted to try my recipe with coconut oil instead of my usual butter so I branched out and tried this new version of what I now call Coconut Oil Drop Biscuits. Why coconut oil? Well coconut oil is an amazing food to add to your diet. It’s full of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties...

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