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Cloth Wipe Solution

We’ve been using cloth wipes for a little over a week now. I must say I love it! It’s very easy and so much better for my child. When we started using the cloth wipes I originally used just water in a spray bottle to wet the wipes. Using water did not seem to work for my son so I decided to actually make a solution. Here’s what I now use: Homemade Cloth Wipe Solution 2 Tbs. Dr. Bronners Tea Tree liquid soap2 Tbs. Apricot Kernel Oil1 cup warm water Directions: Mix the soap and the oil together and then add warm water. Stir well and pour into a spray bottle. To use just spray your wipes before use and that’s...

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Buying Used: Consignment Stores

I have never been a fan of buying used items. I have no idea why; maybe I’ve stepped into too many filthy thrift stores. Either way, I have avoided buying used. In the attempt to rid my house to plastic toys, I took my bags of plastic to a consignment store. I figure I might as well have the possibility of getting some money from these toys. Plus donating them is much better then just throwing them away. Thus I stepped foot in my first consignment store. I have been missing out! First off, the donating of toys was so easy! I just dropped them off with one of the workers and she told me that I could call anytime and check to see if any of my items sold. At this store at least, they put your item on sale and if it sells, you receive 40% cash or 50% store credit. After visiting that store, I might just take the credit! The store was great! Maybe it is because it was only kid and baby stuff but it was quite nice. Tons of clothes, a few cribs, toys galore, and so on. They even sale new items. I found quite a few new carriers, shoes, and toys. This lovely store actually carries the largest selection of Melissa & Doug toys that I have ever seen! They definitely...

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Switching to Cloth Wipes

I have waited a long time to finally make cloth wipes. I would have made them months ago but the huge box of bulk wipes that I bought has made itself last forever. Once I opened the last package of wipes, I was off to the fabric store in search of terry cloth and flannel. I now have 30 wipes made out of cloth for my toddler. It’s amazing how long sewing 30 little squares can take! However, it was definitely worth it, especially since I made 30 wipes for only $6.00 whereas I could buy 12 wipes from some online store for a minimum of $12.00.Why in the world would I want cloth wipes? Believe it or not baby wipes have quite a mixture of chemicals and they are not very nice ones. In fact, the wipes my family generally used recently switched formulas and my youngest son’s skin did not like it. What chemicals are in our children’s wipes? 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1; 3-Diol: This one has a toxic rating of 10 on Skin Deep! It is a neurotoxin, immunotoxin, and organ system toxin. There is also concern for formaldehyde contamination. DMDM Hydantoin: releases formaldehyde and is also an immunotoxin. Propylene Glycol: immunotoxin, organ toxin, irritant, increased cancer risk. Curiously, it is also used in anti-freeze. Methylparaben: endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicin, organ toxin, biochemical and cellular level changes. Sadly these are...

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