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Make Your Own BabyLegs

BabyLegs are a wonderful thing. No, I’m not talking about cute chunky baby thighs; although those are quite adorable. I’m talking about leg warmers for babies. BabyLegs are a great alternative to tights plus they can be worn by boys or girls (just get boyish ones for the boys). You can stash a pair in your bag for when you are out and suddenly realize that it’s just too cold for your baby. How often have you realized that the temperature has dropped and your baby’s legs are getting chilly? Baby legs also have the advantage in that they...

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Choosing Safer Toys

With Christmas being almost here, I thought I’d do a post about safe toys. Toys unfortunately can contain a whole host of chemicals and children are more susceptible to toxins. Which is why last year I began to rid our house of the yucky toys and start buying the good ones. I also let all the grandparents and family members know what we were doing. Yes, that caused a bit of craziness that Christmas especially when they don’t see chemicals like I do. However, in my opinion I felt it better to give everyone the heads up so that...

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