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Heart of Dakota Curriculum Review

We just finished our second year of homeschooling. Hooray! This year I had a 1st grader and a Kindergartner and I’m proud to say they both did great! Every year we use an “open and shut” curriculum. This means that the whole curriculum is essentially already put together for you. Math, science, history, etc all planned out so that all you need to do is open the curriculum book and do what it says. I like this because it means our curriculum is nicely intertwined. Reading books can related to what we are learning in History for example. That...

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Progressive Phonics Review

We are getting close to the end of my second year homeschooling (ok so I still have about 10 more weeks but that’s close in my mind!) I know many of you have been curious as to what curriculum I use and while I’ve given you the list of what I use, I have yet to ever review any of our choices. Today that is going to change.   When I first started homeschooling, the one thing that terrified me was teaching my kids to read. Everything else seemed easy enough but teaching a kid to read just seemed...

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How To Schedule Your Homeschool Year

If a child is in public school, they don’t really get an option of what the yearly schedule looks like. It is all based on how the school district likes to do things. However, with homeschooling you get the option to choose whatever schedule fits your family the best. There is no right or wrong schedule. It really just depends on what will work best for your family. Even if you have one type of schedule that works great for your family, you may find that you need to change things due to vacations, babies being born, work schedules...

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Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

I have given the reasons why my family has decided to homeschool (and in that post is also the reasons we deem invalid to homeschool). That post got many of you asking about how to choose a homeschool curriculum. So that’s what we are going to talk about today. I won’t lie, choosing a curriculum is one of the scariest decisions you’ll make as a homeschooling parent. It would be wonderful if you could just say, “ ok I want to homeschool” and then someone would hand you all the books you needed. However, one of the things that set homeschooling...

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Thoughts on Elementary Grades

In just a few days, we will have reached our halfway point for our school year. I can’t believe we have been doing school for 18 weeks now. Must be because I enjoy teaching school much more then doing school. With the close of our semester, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about grades. In my day, elementary schools used a grading system that wasn’t the usual A, B, C, D, and F grades. Instead they used “meets expectations”, “exceeds expectations”, and “needs improvement”. I assume this is a nicer, more broad way of doing grades because in...

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Why We Homeschool

If you bring up the topic of homeschooling, most of the time you will get quite the amount of criticism. I don’t really know why. I mean, you don’t get that much criticism if you send your kids to a private school, so why so many comments when you send your kids home? In any case, I wanted to address the reasons why we chose to homeschool as well as explain the reasons that do NOT determine our decision to homeschool. Our Invalid Reasons Religious Reasons  While I love the fact that I can teach my children about God...

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