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How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers is probably the reason most people do not cloth diaper. The thought of sticking dirty diapers in the washing machine leaves people thinking that their machine will forever be contaminated and never truly clean again. Thankfully, laundry machines are perfectly efficient and do a great job of keeping diapers and the machine itself clean. Besides, odds are that people everywhere have washed some pretty gross clothes in the laundry just due to accidents or illnesses. The real concern about washing cloth diapers is just how to do it. If you ask 10 different families how they...

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Cloth Diaper Terminology

If you are unfamiliar with cloth diapers like I was then you probably picture the cloth diapers that your grandmother used; you know, the big white cloth with the terrifying looking safety pins? However, cloth diapers today are NOT your grandma’s cloth diapers! They come in many styles and are much easier to use then those old safety pins! Of course, with all the variety comes confusion, at least to those who are not already in the cloth diapering world. Prefolds, Pockets, AIO’s, AI2’s??? What in the world are these mama’s talking about? All the terminology can drive newbies...

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Why Cloth Diaper

Why would anyone want to choose cloth diapers when we live in a day and age where we can just buy new diapers? Believe it or not there are quite a few reasons! Some you have probably heard before, maybe some you have not, and perhaps there are a few that you’ve heard people give as a reason but have never heard the details behind it. This post is going to cover the top reasons why parents choose cloth diapers over disposables.   Why Cloth Diaper? Cheaper This is usually one of the top reasons that parents choose to...

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