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Fenugreek – For Increasing Milk Supply

I don’t make milk like a normal mama. I’m a too low – bare minimum type mama. My two boys were formula fed or part formula fed. This time however, I’m able to solely breastfeed. In the beginning, I had too low of a supply. Baby #3 wasn’t gaining properly. I therefore, started on every method to increase supply known to women. Most of the methods, worked a bit for me. (Note: All supply increasing methods work differently for every woman. Some respond to one and not another.) These methods got me from not enough to just barely enough....

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Got Milk? – 15 Ways to Increase Milk Supply

I am not the type of person that breastfeeding comes easily to. In fact, with my first two children I did not get to solely breastfeed like I planned to. My first was failure to thrive so we supplemented and then I got pregnant right away and there went what little supply I had. My second child I did a bit better but he was still about 40% formula fed. Breastfeeding is something that I’ve always planned on doing. I know that “breast is best” as they say and I wanted to give my kids that. Not to mention...

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