Category: Green Cleaning

Natural Hardwood Cleaner

A hardwood floor can either send the signal of a clean house or it can instantly alert people if you haven’t cleaned them in awhile. There are many store bought hardwood cleaners but many of them contain toxin chemicals. Did you know that cleaning products don’t even have to list their ingredients? It’s shocking! I don’t want to use toxic products in my home and quite honestly, I like the penny pinching properties of this natural hardwood cleaner recipe that I developed because I’m frugal like that! Did you know that you can clean your hardwood floors with vinegar?...

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Non-toxic Carpet Cleaner

We currently live in an apartment and I am saddened to say that our carpet has not been cleaned in the 3 years that we have lived here. I have scrubbed out a few spots with a towel but it has never been properly cleaned. This is quite appalling when you consider that my father owns and operates a professional carpet cleaning company, you would think I’d know better. However, I don’t have extra money to spend on professional cleaning and dear daddy is two states away. I finally convinced myself that I NEEDED to clean the carpets so...

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