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Gardening for Newbies

The following post is a guest post by Susannah Shmurak Calling All Newbie Gardeners! Interested in all things green but haven’t tried your hand at growing your own food yet? Know absolutely nothing about gardening? That shouldn’t stop you from growing just a tiny bit of your own food this season. You do NOT need to know a ton of information about plant types, soil, and growing zones to get started. I’m a proponent of “good enough” gardening and think anyone can start growing something, right away. And no worries if you have no extra cash for this project,...

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5 Ways to Go Green in Your Garden

Healthy green living is a growing trend among the environmentally conscious. Green living is not difficult and expensive and it encourages us do our part to save the planet. With summer already here, we can take advantage of the weather to create a green outdoor living space. Here are five great ideas to go green in your garden. Use solar powered lighting Go green by adding eco-friendly solar powered lights to illuminate your garden. They are easy to install and require little maintenance. With the varied types of solar powered lights available, you can find one that suits your...

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