Category: Natural Skincare

Searching for Safer Sunscreens

Now that it’s getting closer to summer, I need to buy a new sunscreen. Generally we never use sunscreen. However, when my boys are outside all day in the hot sun we do put some on. There is no way they would not get burnt otherwise. I need to buy new sunscreen this year, as I am now getting crunchy and since my old sunscreen really should not be used as it’s from last year. However, sunscreen it seems is very un-crunchy. Most sunscreens are full of parabens, phthalates, and PEG’s. Most also contain synthetic oxybenzone which is an...

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All Natural Homemade Hairspray

Hairspray is full of nasty stuff. It is coating your hair in plastic, in reality. Would you coat any other part of your body in plastic? I think not. Why should your hair be any different? On my quest for natural hairsprays, I discovered I could make my own all natural homemade hairspray using ingredients that I already had in my kitchen! As it turns out, hairspray is not all that hard to make! No need for crazy ingredients. All I need is sugar! Who knew that a watered down simple syrup can work as a hairspray? If you doubt...

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Going “No-‘Poo”

Ready for an extremely crunchy topic? No ‘poo! No, I am not talking about not going to the bathroom, I am referring to the method of not shamPOOing your hair. Before you start thinking, EWW, gross! Let me explain. No ‘pooing does not mean that you are not washing your hair. Although some die hard crunchies will go that far and only wash with water. It does not begin that way and it does not have to end that way. Most no ‘poo fans stick with using baking soda and vinegar. Yes, the same ingredients that you use to...

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