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Going “No-‘Poo”

Ready for an extremely crunchy topic? No ‘poo! No, I am not talking about not going to the bathroom, I am referring to the method of not shamPOOing your hair. Before you start thinking, EWW, gross! Let me explain. No ‘pooing does not mean that you are not washing your hair. Although some die hard crunchies will go that far and only wash with water. It does not begin that way and it does not have to end that way. Most no ‘poo fans stick with using baking soda and vinegar. Yes, the same ingredients that you use to...

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Organic, Conventional, and GMO – How to Tell The Difference

 We have come a long way from the day when you walked into the produce department and you only had to decide between a red or green apple. Now you step into that section and there are dozens of choices, not only in colors but also in how the produce was grown. We now have the decision of organic, conventional, or GMO produce. What’s the difference? How can you even tell? Isn’t an apple, an apple? Not anymore. In fact, they even make apples that taste like grapes now! So what IS the difference? What is Conventional Food? Conventionally...

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Beginning on a Journey for a Lifetime

They say your life changes once you have kids and that is true. However, nobody tells you that not only your kids will change your life but YOU will change your life for your kids. Now I’m not talking about not eating out, giving up Saturday shopping to go to soccer practices, or even the lack of sleep so your child can eat. I’m talking about how once you have a child, suddenly the world around you is no longer “safe”. Things you never even thought about instantly become horrors and the stuff that keeps you up at night....

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