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Herbal Ways to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

You’ve had that lovely Christmas tree in your home for the last month or so but now Christmas is over… how sad… now you have to say goodbye to that Christmas tree. If you are like me you might be a bit more sad about the money you spent on a one-use decoration (what can I say, I’m a penny pincher). But wait! You don’t have to just toss that Christmas tree out just yet! You can actually make quite a few goodies with those pine needles (or fir needles because most Christmas trees seem to be firs and...

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DIY Christmas Bath Confetti

I was so excited when I came up with my DIY Herbal Bath Confetti tutorial. I mean it’s the easiest DIY ever and it’s such a fun thing to make! Not to mention that there were no tutorials out there for natural bath confetti like this! (How is that even possible?) But I knew as I was making it (in late November) that it would make a great holiday gift which meant, I quickly brought out my supplies and started making these DIY Christmas Bath Confetti. It was the only logical thing to do! Like I mentioned, DIY bath...

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Gingerbread Bath Bombs

Are you looking for an easy, fun, holiday themed diy to do today? How about some gingerbread bath bombs… that even look like little gingerbread men?! If you are in love with all things gingerbread then this diy is right up your alley! It really should come as no surprise that gingerbread is one of my favorite holiday scents. I’ve made gingerbread sugar scrubs, gingerbread smoothies, gingerbread playdough, even gingerbread pudding! It was only a matter of time before I turned to bath bombs! Bath bombs are quite popular these days. They are a fun way of adding some great...

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Home for the Holidays Simmering Potpourri

Do you remember the smell of the holidays when you walked into the house? A swirling mixture of Christmas tree, fresh baked goodies, and a fruity drink. Smell is a huge part of our memories. Just remembering the smell of Christmas can take us home for the holidays. Perhaps your home is lacking that holiday smell or perhaps you just want a way to make your home smell wonderful without the use of fake fragrances and toxic chemicals. I have the perfect solution for you; a simmering potpourri that will indeed take you home for the holidays! Simmering potpourri...

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25 Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids

As a person dedicated to living naturally, I try to keep the gifts that we give (and that my kids receive) on the natural side. The holiday season is an easy time for kids to receive oh so many toys, toys that light up and beep and make noise all day long. I like to keep things simple and that’s why I’m excited to share some great gift ideas that do not need batteries or power cords! Below I will share my gift ideas that are all non-electronic – no beeping or flashing lights here! After checking out my non-toy...

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Natural Christmas Playdough

I’ve posted about making natural playdough before. I’ve explained that while playdough probably isn’t as toxic as some commercial products, it is still full of ingredients like petroleum and artificial fragrances. These ingredients are the reason why I choose to make my own playdough. However there are also a few other reasons why homemade playdough is so great; you can customize it to your heart’s content. Any color any shade you can dream of, you can make! We’ve had lots of fun with our natural playdough and since we are currently in the Christmas season, I decided to make...

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Gingerbread Smoothie

I’m not going to claim the first to make a gingerbread smoothie. There are many recipes out there. However, that’s not going to stop me from sharing my version with you! Why? Because there are a lot of crazy ones out there. Many use protein powder, some add veggies, others use actual gingerbread cookies. Some of those things are good add ins, some are not so healthy, and some just turn that smoothie into a milkshake instead! I  like to keep my smoothies relatively simple. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I love all things gingerbread. I’ve...

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