Author: Brittany Thomas

So Many Chemicals, So Little Time

There are hundreds of chemicals that we put on our body. Could you name all the ingredients in your shampoo? Could you point out the toxic ones from the safe ones? I can’t. I can read books upon books but I am still not going to remember all of the bad chemicals. I do want to avoid these toxins. It’s just not feasible to carry a huge list of chemicals to avoid and read the ingredients on every single bottle in the store. Thankfully, someone has realized this problem. The lovely people over at the Environmental Working Group have compiled a database of beauty products and the chemicals they contain. They have taken all the guess work out of finding safe products and rated them for people like me. Based on the chemicals in a product, it can be rated ‘0’ being completely safe to a ’10’ being run away as fast as possible. Just type in a brand and up pops the ingredient list, the problems with each chemical, and the safety rating. Wonderful! If you rather not search by brand then simply click on a category (like shampoo) and all the products in that category will appear and in lowest to highest rating order. This is great when you know you want to replace a product but you have no idea what to replace it with. If...

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Soda Free

For over a month now, I have been soda free. Makes me sound like an alcoholic, doesn’t it? For many people, it is not all that different then alcohol. Soda can be very addicting and in my opinion it is probably just as unhealthy as alcohol. We all know that soda is just full of empty calories. That’s reason enough to stop. Why bother drinking soda when you could have juice which is actually beneficial to your body, or good old water? Then there’s the acidity of soda. Did you know that soda has the same acidic level as vinegar? It can remove rust! Remind me why we put that into our stomachs? If you think like me then you switch to diet sodas, at least that way you don’t have empty calories or any calories for that matter. Not so fast! Diet soda has no calories because they replace sugar with aspartame. Aspartame that wonderful calorie free substance that was supposed to be the answer to our beloved sugar. Companies wouldn’t put it into drinks if it was harmful, right? WRONG! Aspartame is made up of phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. Once you drink aspartame it breaks back up into these three substances and then it further breaks up into: formaldehyde and formic acid. Both formaldehyde and formic acid are carcinogens. Well that removes diet soda from my...

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Beginning on a Journey for a Lifetime

They say your life changes once you have kids and that is true. However, nobody tells you that not only your kids will change your life but YOU will change your life for your kids. Now I’m not talking about not eating out, giving up Saturday shopping to go to soccer practices, or even the lack of sleep so your child can eat. I’m talking about how once you have a child, suddenly the world around you is no longer “safe”. Things you never even thought about instantly become horrors and the stuff that keeps you up at night....

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