Modern technology has brought many benefits… but have our devices come with a cost? Are we hindering our health with our constant exposure to wireless radiation and other forms of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?
Every cell in the body has an electrical charge, and the function of the cell is based on electricity and electron transfers. Its not a stretch to conclude that artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have the potential to disrupt our health. (The BioInitiative Report 2012 is an excellent resource for those who would like to know more about the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation.)


One of the best ways to combat this exposure is to give your body a break from these fields at night since our bodies are far more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation while we sleep. Consider these 5 suggestions for reducing your EMF exposure at night.


1.     Turn off the router at night

This simple step can go a long way to reducing your night time exposure. Ideally, its optimal to transition to wired computers and eliminate Wi-Fi altogether, but turning off the router is an excellent first step. If you must be near an active router either at night or during the day, consider a router guard available at Less EMF. 

(For more about Andrea’s recent transition see From Wireless to Wired – Our Family’s Journey.)


2. Remove or relocate your phone (unless it is a corded landline) 

Cordless DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones emit high levels of microwave radiation. Most of the hazardous EMFs come from the base station that is powered 24 hours a day. The antennas radiate these fields for hundreds of feet and are much like having a mini cell phone tower in your room. 

(Andrea has a video showing the difference in radiation between a landline and cordless DECT phone. See The Health Effects of Cordless Phones.)

If a corded phone is not an option, move the base station to another area of the home, keeping the charged handset in the room with you at least six feet from your body.

If a landline is not an option, and you must have your cell phone with you, keep it at least six feet from your body.


3. Remove as many electrical devices as possible from your sleeping area

If possible, remove radios, TVs, answering machines, VCRs, lamps, computers, etc. If you must have any of these keep them at least six feet from your body and unplug them before sleep. The IIBBE recommends removing televisions entirely as they still emit fields when unplugged. Invest in a battery operated alarm clock if an alarm is needed. Avoid using your cell phone as an alarm.
(For more ways to reduce your EMF exposure at night, check out this post from Andrea.) 

4. Remove all wireless baby monitors


Children and infants are especially vulnerable to invisible wireless radiation. Wireless baby monitors operate at the same frequency as microwave ovens and continually emit radiation comparable to a cell phone tower located 150 meters away. The best option is to keep the baby close by, or if needed, invest in an old-fashioned analog monitor.


5. Connect with the Earth

The concept of “grounding” refers to the notion of reconnecting our bodies to the Earths natural frequency pulsation of approximately 10 Herz. These frequencies are the same as those produced by the human brain in the theta and alpha relaxation/sleep states.

The ideal way to connect with the Earth is to spend time outdoors.  I have noticed that 20 minutes outside with my feet on the ground relaxes my brain. I have done this just before bed and found I fall asleep much faster.

There are many grounding fabrics and sheets on the market today. I have tried both a grounding sheet and DIY grounding fabric/cord combination, with noticeable improvement.  Not everyone has a positive experience, however, as everyones home electrical environment (and electrical sensitivity) is unique.

It is critical first to reduce your EMF environment before adding a grounding sheet to your sleeping arrangement.

We are part of a large biological experiment when it comes to artificial electromagnetic fields. Why wait for those in authority to tell us to protect ourselves when we can take these steps to reduce our exposure, and potentially improve our health.

This post is a part of the Going Natural – One Month at a Time. Check out the full info post to learn how you can make natural changes each month so that you are living more naturally by the end of the year!



Andrea is a former journalist, mother of nine, and Certified Building Biology Practitioner.  She is the founder of momsAWARE, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about environmental health issues. Andrea and her husband Chris reside in Vail, Arizona with five of their children. Andrea blogs at It Takes Time and is the owner of Just So Natural Products.


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