Going Natural – One Month at a Time

It started out with me thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never been a huge fan on resolutions. Everyone makes them and come February they are nothing but well intentions of the past. I usually find a way around New Year’s Resolutions by making monthly goals (although granted, I’m not always great about sticking to those either!) So I was thinking about monthly goals and thinking about what to share with all of you, when it dawned on me that we could take this journey together!

Each month, I’ve come up with a different theme or area of natural living that we can focus on (green cleaning, natural parenting, natural skincare). During that theme’s month, you’ll find a few different posts talking about the benefits of making that switch, ways to make that switch, products that will help you make that switch, recipes/tutorials, and more!

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I have so many great posts on The Pistachio Project to help you start living naturally but this is a place where we all can come to and find some great natural living basics! Thus the point of this page.
Here you will find all the posts in the Going Natural – One Month at a Time series.



March – Green Cleaning






August – Healthy Eating


September – Natural Health