Homemade Face Powder

A few years back, I realized that the makeup I used was full of toxic ingredients. Perhaps not at the level of toxicity that would kill me instantly, but the ingredients were harmful enough that I didn’t want to risk anything even if I wouldn’t notice for another twenty years. I have long since switched to natural makeup. When I go looking for a new natural product, I like to make sure it’s as close to perfectly natural as possible. I mean isn’t that the point of making the switch in the first place; to avoid harmful ingredients?

I found a nice brand of natural makeup and I still use it for most of my makeup needs. However, when I ran out of the natural face powder I decided I needed to look into making my own as that stuff was expensive! I couldn’t afford to spend $30 just on one thing of face powder and even if I could, I would rather save that money to use elsewhere.

This led me to making my own face powder. I love making my own makeup. It’s so easy to make and costs me next to nothing. I know that the ingredients are all natural and not harmful because I’m the one making the product!

Homemade Face Powder

Arrowroot powder
Cocoa powder
Cinnamon – optional
Nutmeg – optional


Place a few tablespoons of arrowroot powder into a bowl. Slowly add cocoa powder to the arrowroot. Just a bit at a time until you get to the shade you would normally use for a face powder. Additionally you can add in a bit of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. These two ingredients can boost the glow and depth of the face powder. Mix all ingredients well; you do not want any clumps. Transfer to a clean jar or old compact container.

To use: Lightly apply to a makeup brush and apply as you would normally. Go lightly however, as this is a loose powder and you do not need much.

Note: Cinnamon can be a common face irritant so if you wish to use it, I recommend doing a test patch first. Nutmeg should not be an irritant and is even used in many acne/blemish recipes so it’s a beneficial ingredient to use.

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